The Benefits Of Digital Printing For Luxury Packaging 2

- May 24, 2018-

The benefits of digital printing for luxury packaging 2

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Third, digital printing satisfies the need for different materials such as glass, wood, and leather to print on different shapes such as flat surfaces and curved surfaces.

Convex flat hole four traditional printing processes in addition to silk (hole) screen printing more used in paper printing, suitable for mass production, luxury packaging in order to novelty, in addition to still printing on paper, do not rule out printing In the glass, wood, ceramics, leather, metal plates, textile fabrics and other consumer-like but it is difficult to common other print media, to give people a refreshing feeling. Digital printing can meet the above requirements. The United States EFI has specially organized print exhibitions using various kinds of materials printed on the company's equipment, highlighting the company's expertise in multi-media printing. It is also this feature that has made it possible for digital printing equipment to enter other fields. .

Except digital printing, there is also the advantage of non-planar (such as arc-shaped) surface conformal printing of the material, which is in a variety of non-traditional, bizarre, embodying designer ideas or reflect the buyer's interests The surface of the media is ready for printing. A supplier of Japanese Mimaki equipment sold the products to the winery in Maotai, Guizhou, and used the name of the company or purchaser to print on the sold bottle according to the buyer's needs. This applies to gifts and collections.

The world's great wonders. Luxury goods are always present in all aspects of our lives. The colorful packaging of digital printing can add luster to our lives. In this way, we are not happy. What we need is to do a better job. We need more whimsy to decorate our life.

Fourth, based on the characteristics of luxury goods itself, luxury packaging is less sensitive to price, and innovation and hunting wizards are the basic requirements for suppliers to design new products.

Digital printing can realize printing on different forms and surfaces of different media, but so far almost completely dependent on digital printing equipment and consumables imported from developed countries has led to the high cost and high selling price of digital printing products. It is precisely because of the above deficiencies. Digital printing has a relatively small market share in China, and its development speed is slower than the global average.

Looking at the issue from a different point of view, the lack of good value for money in digital printing is a short board in general product printing, which is not a problem in luxury printing. Because luxury goods are inherently expensive, luxury goods consumers can purchase luxury goods with a very low proportion of the market, and the price of product packaging caused by digital printing will rise slightly. That is really just a wave of insignificance. It is reported that in the price structure of luxury goods, 55% belong to the brand's intangible assets, and the materials and labor costs belonging to processing and production account for only 17%. This also shows that luxury manufacturers are less sensitive to the price in the printing process, and the proportion of printing costs in their total cost is negligible. They value the quality of the product and add luster to the product. As long as this is done, the printing price is not a problem for luxury goods.

When talking about digital printing for luxury packaging, don't forget the icing on the cake that digital printing equipment can play in packaging. They can help the luxury goods in the box to be more eye-catching and attract people's attention.

For example, the Israeli Gagodi equipment can help increase the visual and tactile effects of the outer packaging products, and can simultaneously achieve the gold foil foil cold foil, colorful glitter, shiny crystal, metal effects, and so on. According to the characteristics of the product, choosing a proper post-press processing process can obviously play a role in highlighting the protagonists of luxury goods.

Of course, luxury packaging is, after all, a relatively small capacity market. Although LV and PRADA have been classified as mass luxury goods by public opinion, the market sales of these products are limited in any case. Even the Shanghai printing company that provided handbags for many luxury brands as mentioned above is not able to rely solely on luxury bag printing to make a living. They have to undertake a large number of general prints. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand the particularity of this market, build barriers to entry, maintain the market, and eliminate vicious competition. This is a common responsibility of printing companies of this category. Do not confuse this aquarium and harm people. already.

In a word, luxury consumption is a promising emerging market in China. Printing services for luxury goods are also being widely viewed by the market. However, they emphasize simplicity, stressing that saving resources is also a trend in packaging development. Need a good grasp of business. If luxury goods are a red flower, then the packaging must be the green leaves supporting the red flowers. If the guests have lost their hearts and their flowers are gone, what is the significance of the green leaves?

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