Professional Brochure Printing Company Offer Brochure Design and Printing

Professional Brochure Printing Company Offer Brochure Design and Printing

We offer professional brochure printing services for enterprises or individuals. years of printing experience, sophisticated printing equipment, well-trained staff. Wish to establish a good business relationship with foreign guests.

Product Details

We offer professional brochure printing services for enterprises or individuals. years of printing experience, sophisticated printing equipment, well-trained staff. Wish to establish a good business relationship with foreign guests.

Product Details:

Artwork Format

PDF, AI, CDR, JPG, indd, and the other design software artwork format


Art Paper, Craft Paper, Coated Paper, Glossy Paper, Bible paper, Matte Paper, Offset Paper, Fancy Paper, Newsprint Paper, Woodfree Paper, Grease proof Paper, Paperboard, Cardboard, Millboard, Corrugated Board, Duplex Board etc.


Cover:4C/4C Inner sheet:4C/4C etc.(Any color is available)


Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Flexo graphic Printing, Letterpress Printing, Gravure Printing, Transfer Printing etc.

Surface Handling

Embossing, Hot stamping, Vanishing, UV coating, Spot UV, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Film Lamination etc.


Perfect Binding, Sewing Binding, Wire Binding, Spiral Binding, Plastic Comb binding, Thread Stitching, Saddle Stitching, Folded Leaflet etc.

product name

bible stories for children book printing

Production Capacity

100000pcs per day



Delivery time: sample for 3-5 working days and order for 3-7 working days
About Our Service: free dummy samples before order
Advanced samples for quality confirmation before delivery
Good payment terms for long time business, We will do our best to meet you needs

Printing workshop
Our strength & brief as below:
1.The factory was established in early 1998, a large-scale printing and packaging company, The current fixed assets is more than 150 million yuan, we have our own industrial park, with dormitory, plant and office building, it covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters.
2.We have about 100 machines including pre-press, printing, bindery and self-adhesive satellite-wide rotary production equipment.
3.Products Scope:
Business scope: all book publications, color advertising pictures, hardcover album, packaging box, calendars, all kinds of PVC, product brochures, notes, Children's book, stickers, all kinds of special paper color printing products.
4.Exported to about 30 countries, the annual turnover is about RMB 100 million.
5.It is an appointed manufacturer for the publications of State Press and Publishing Administration.
6.Got ISO9000, China national well-known brand.

Printing tips:

How to consider the color design of the printing process

1. color tones

Tone is the general tendency of the color configuration on the screen, the total mood, is the main color of a group of colors, and has an absolute advantage in the whole picture. The packaging requirements are visually highlighted from the moment on the long-distance shelves, conveying the product information, which requires a strong overall tone to match. Therefore, the key to packaging color design is the tone design. The color tone design requirements are consistent with the main functions of the product. For example, the gift packaging should be cooled with cold drinks such as red and orange. Tone design requirements are consistent with the times, different regions, different nationalities, and the color of the jealousy, to adapt to this change, to comply with the trend of the times, such as the Islamic community like green avoid yellow; Tibetans with white as the noble color and avoid Use light yellow, green; Manchu people love yellow, purple, red, blue and avoid using white. Tonal design should fully consider these traditional habits in order to make the products popular. For export commodities, packaging design can only respect the customs of other countries or ethnic groups in other countries.

2. Color contrast

On the twelve-hue phase ring, the two mutually opposite colors are called contrast colors, and the difference in hue brightness is the largest, giving a vivid and strong contrast feeling. Color can only be correctly expressed by contrast. The comparison mainly includes the following three aspects: The brightness comparison includes the contrast of the same hue and the different hue, and needs to be compared repeatedly to obtain an accurate expression. Brightness contrast can enhance the sense of brightness, the stronger the contrast, the clearer the visual effect, and the more blurred the visual effect. Purity comparison In the same hue, the higher the purity, the more vivid, the lower the purity, the more turbid. Purity contrast enhances richness. Color contrast ratio This is the color shift caused by the difference in hue when two or more colors are juxtaposed or alternately changed. It can be divided into color contrast, complementary color contrast and contrast between cold and warm. In the color contrast design, the contrast should be just right, so that the picture is gorgeous and unconventional, and the Chinese is not floating, resulting in a harmonious and harmonious beauty.

3. Color reconciliation

On the twelve-hue ring, two similar colors are called harmonic colors. Color harmony gives people a sense of subtlety, richness, elegance, pleasure and comfort. The main methods of reconciliation are:

The same color tone refers to the color matching of the same color and different brightness, such as light green, bright green, dark green, or a combination of light red, red, and deep red. Approximate hue is a combination of different colors containing common ingredients, such as orange, vermilion, and yellow, all of which contain yellow components, which are easily coordinated.

4. The rhythm of color

Rhythm is an important factor that constitutes the sense of form of the picture. There are many changes in the picture, such as strength, weakness, size, brightness, softness, high and low, false and real. The alternation of these contradictions is not a simple repetition, but There are many forms of rhythmic movements. It has both repetition and development, and each aspect restricts and advances each other, reflecting the harmony of nature. From the perspective of the picture, there are fierce, steady, happy, melancholy and so on. A variety of different colors, in order to reflect the same theme constitutes an organic whole, blended in the rhythm of rhythm. In the color relationship, contrast is a factor of change, and reconciliation is a unified factor. The basic requirement of packaging color design is to deal with the relationship between change and unity, seek change in unity, and seek unity in change. The two complement each other. At the same time, the color effect of the package is not in the use of color, the key lies in the choice and cooperation of color, too much color is easy to produce a messy "flower" feeling, it seems tacky.

Book binding and surface disposal

Printing quality management system certificate ISO9001:2008




There are 6sets 4/5 color printing presses. A 4+4 color printing presses will be imported soon to meet y more requirements.



Color check during printing to ensure the same color as the prepress sample or your sample.


High-quality prepress ctp system, providing accurate outlets, which is the basic guarantee of good printing result.



Heidelberg folding machine. Precise folding is the beginning of a good book after printing.



Automatic laminating machine and UV machine.



Gilding and die-cutting


Q: How long can I expect to get the sample?
A: After receiving the sample charge and all the material & design being confirmed, the sample time is 3 days and Express
delivery usually needs around 3-5 day.

Q: How to make the order?
A: Please send us your purchase order via Email or you can request us to send you the proforma invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order:
1) Product information: Quantity, Specifications (Size, Material, Finish and Packing requirements etc.
2) Required Delivery Time.
3) Shipping information: Company Name, Street address, Phone&Fax number,Destination Sea Port, etc.
4) Forwarder's contact details if there's any in China.
About the square back, the spine will be thicker than text for sewing , which will be more obvious as the signature of the book increases.So the thickness of the spine should be less than 20mm if y chose square back.

Q: When can I get the quotation for my enquiry?
A: Usually the quotation will be sent to you within one working day upon all the details of products being clear. If something urgently, we can quote for you within 1 hour based on all details you provide.

Q: How long is the bulk production time?
A: Normally 12-15 days. Rush order is available.

Q: Can I get a sample before bulk production?
A: Yes. The normal produce progress is that we will make a pre-production sample or your quality evaluation.
The mass production will be started after we get your confirmation on this sample.

Q: what kind of paper can be printed on?
A: We have several kinds of paper material available which depends on your products need, like the wood free paper, art paper, kraft paper, paper cardboard, etc.

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