DaYao Town, Hunan Province Raided Four Papermaking Companies

- May 24, 2018-

DaYao Town, Hunan Province raided four papermaking companies

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On the evening of May 18, the night was dark. The Dayao Town, Liuyang City, Hunan Province launched an environmental protection night-search operation. It took no greetings and went straight to the scene. It raided four papermaking companies, including Yinhe Paper, Yongtai Paper, Jiuyi Paper and Lianxin Paper.


It is understood that this environmental protection night inspection was led by the leading team of Dayao Town, the town’s blue sky clear water office, and the Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau and other departments jointly participated. At the same time, it also invited representatives of some people’s congresses, villagers’ representatives, non-government environmental protection supervisors, and folks. "River" joined. In order to ensure that the inspection information is not leaked, the inspection list is enclosed in the envelope and marked with the serial number. Before the departure of each team leader, the envelopes were randomly selected and the next envelope could not be opened until the inspection of the previous company was completed.


In the evening, law enforcement officers discovered a total of 13 potential safety hazards, issued 4 correctional opinions on the site, and suspended production and rectification of the two companies, requesting the other two companies to rectify the deadlines.


At present, Dayao Town has established a “three shifts” inspection mechanism to conduct round-the-clock inspections of paper-making enterprises. In addition, companies that have made numerous complaints by the public will arrange spot checks to verify the implementation of corrective measures.

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