The 25th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition Opened On March 10th!

- May 24, 2018-

The 25th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition opened on March 10th!

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【China Food Machinery & Equipment Network Exhibition Report】 Sino-Pack 2018 The 25th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition and PACKINNO 2018 China (Guangzhou) International Packaging Products Exhibition in Guangzhou, China, March 10-12 Trade Fair Hall A (1.1, 2.1, 1.2, 2.2 Hall) was held!


The total area of packaging related exhibitions has exceeded 44,000 square meters. More than 600 well-known exhibitors from 13 countries and regions around the world have brought together advanced technology products and technologies to demonstrate their presence in multi-angle demonstrations on how to integrate smart applications into the packaging process. Interpretation of the packaging industry's one-stop shopping platform!


Sino-Pack2018 big coffee gathered, wonderful highlights dizzying!


Highlight 1: China's premier intelligent automatic packaging exhibition, gathering international smart coffee debut


ABB's live interpretation of the IRB 360 robot, with its integrated vision system, like the "eyes" of the robot, identifies the size, shape and position of the components;


Nachi NACHI high-precision machine arm MZ12 achieves a working area with the same level and above with a reduction in installation area of 17% and body mass reduction of 29%.


The Stäubli TX2 series robots combine the safety and high speed of collaboration, redefining the performance of robots.


UTOP Coordinator robots track tracking and palletizing applications, greatly reducing the time required to program and deploy systems.


Highlights II: SF Heavyweight Participation, Comprehensive Decryption of Logistics Packaging Solutions


This year, SF Express made its debut in Sino-Pack 2018 for the first time this year, featuring “Green Technology and Building SF Intelligent Brain” as the theme for this exhibition to fully demonstrate their integrated service capabilities and technologies in the overall logistics package business. For example, topology optimization technology, green cycle packaging. In addition, SF Technology held a new product launch event on the theme of “Small Package Wisdom” at Sino-Pack2018. The SF Packaging Laboratory team further in-depth interpretation of one-stop packaging solutions.


Highlights 3: Packaging machinery, testing, parts and components, packaging products and materials, packaging, printing and labeling industry chain display, complete one-stop shopping platform


Central Asia, Modivik, Languang to Minghao, and the new technology of the year 2018 have made its debut. It provides comprehensive packaging solutions for food and beverage, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronic and electrical appliances and other production industries. The applications cover cardboard and glass. Coated metals, paper labels, PET, plastic foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, meat and sausage products, dairy products, fruit and vegetable products, convenience foods, aquatic products, bakery products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, industrial products, Consumer products, dairy, oil and other industries in the future of packaging production lines.


[PACKINNO2018] is based on the theme of “Innovation and Green” and launched two large-scale exhibitions, “Logistics Packaging Materials” and “Innovative Packaging Materials”, to create innovative and functional packaging materials for environmental protection, such as masterbatch and ink. , plastic packaging film, adhesive tape, etc., to strengthen the application of material innovation, with the upstream and downstream industry chain docking, promote the integration of the packaging industry and innovation and environmental protection.


Professional buyers enthusiasm, professional one-stop shopping platform!


In order to more fully penetrate the one-stop purchase of the packaging industry, [Sino-Pack2018] will launch 4 major theme exhibition areas this year: smart packaging, logistics packaging, integrated packaging, food packaging, and will more systematically demonstrate the mainstream packaging industry. People from all walks of life come together to integrate multi-source high-quality resources and enhance the influence of the show through various forms such as exhibitions and forum exchange activities.


This year, more than 100 countries and regions will welcome professional buyers to visit and purchase. The registered companies include Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. from Japan, Unilever Thai Services Ltd from Thailand, and Maxim Group from Hong Kong. , Swire Group, Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group, Far East New Century Co., Ltd. from Taiwan.


Over 100 domestic and overseas end-to-end buyer companies and industry leading association groups will visit the exhibition. Overseas industry associations such as: Singapore Gifts Association, Malaysia Tea Industry Association, Korea Packaging Association, Malaysian Manufacturers Association, etc.;


And domestic industry associations such as: Guangdong Province Procurement and Supply Chain Association, Guangdong Bottled Drinking Water Industry Association, Zhongshan Household Electrical Appliance Industry Association, Shantou Cosmetics Industry Association, Guangdong Food Industry Association, etc.;


The eight domestic industry groups also actively organized tours, including: Danone, Coca-Cola, Blue Moon, Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical, Huawei, Amazon, SF, BYD, etc., and the parties on the site will conduct eager exchanges.


During the same period, the forum was released with a heavy focus on intelligent packaging.


In addition to the many on-site focus exhibitors, this year's event is a combination of “smart packaging, smart logistics” and other hot topics, inviting authoritative experts to discuss the industry changes, bring together hundreds of industry elite, all the front-line dynamic information: "Food and pharmaceutical industry Smart Packaging Application Prospects, "2018 Supply Chain Conference - Smart Logistics, Leading New Markets", "Shunfeng Technology Co., Ltd. New Product Launch - Small Packaging Big Wisdom", "Food Related Products (Plastic Packaging) Declaration of Conformity and Practical Application "Explain", "2018 Guangdong's first outstanding supply chain ranking competition", "Guangdong Star Design Competition", etc., aiming at different user segments such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, logistics, etc. To help enterprises create new business opportunities.


[Sino-Pack2018 25th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition] and [PACKINNO2018 China (Guangzhou) International Packaging Products Exhibition] for a period of 3 days in Guangzhou? China Import and Export Fair Complex Area A (1.1, 2.1 (1.2, 2.2, Hall 2.2). If you want to go, you can use the Metro Line 8 Xingang East Station (Exit A) to reach the exhibition hall; also take bus 262 (direction to Xinzhou Station, get off at Pazhou Station) Or bus 137 (direction to Xinzhou Station, get off at Weizhou Avenue East Station). More traffic information can be found at the exhibition. Looking forward to your visit!

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