Digital Printing Applied To Luxury Packaging Advantage 1

- May 24, 2018-

Digital Printing Applied to Luxury Packaging Advantage 1

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With the advancement of technology, digital printing has penetrated into more and more fields. In the field of architectural decoration and textile printing and dyeing, the pace of digital printing has overstepped the trend of traditional technology. In the past two or three years, the enthusiasm of digital printing equipment suppliers to participate in the luxury packaging exhibition has also increased, and they have also repeatedly won. This shows that with the improvement of people’s lives, luxury goods are increasingly entering certain consumption levels. Competent people family. In emphasizing environmental protection and emphasizing personalization today, the use of digital printing in luxury packaging to meet customer requirements has also been valued by businesses, and this area deserves the attention of relevant manufacturers.

Luxury goods are involved in a wide range, from cars to watches, jewelry, bags, cosmetics, and clothing. However, even in the latest version of "Ci Hai" in 2009, there is no interpretation of luxury terms. It can be seen that the acceptance of luxury goods by the nationals is a period of time after entering this century. In Baidu, the term “luxury” has a double solution from different perspectives. One is: “Luxury is internationally defined as 'a type that is beyond the needs of people’s survival and development, unique, scarce, “Extraordinary and other characteristics of consumer goods” are also called non-necessities.” The other is: “In terms of economics, luxury goods refer to products with the highest ratio of value/quality, and also refer to the ratio of intangible value/tangible value. The highest product." To tell the truth, these two explanations are very accurate

Based on the large population of China, coupled with the reform and opening up, the people from the historical pursuit of food and clothing to enter a well-off, increasing spending power, which also led to the consumption of luxury goods. According to foreign media, from 2009 to 2017, the proportion of Chinese consumers purchasing luxury goods in the global market has increased from 27.5% to 47%, which is expected to replace the United States as the world's No. 1 luxury goods market. The relevant agencies also predict that by 2021, “China’s luxury goods market will reach US$14.6 billion, mainly because China’s affluent consumers are generally younger than consumers in other countries, and 80% of China’s affluent consumers are under 45 years of age. However, in the United States and Japan, only 30% of such consumers are under the age of 45." Relatively young people who are not deeply involved in the world are more fond of luxury goods, and they also hope to win the respect of society by luxury goods.

So far, China has less of its own big-name luxury brands. Even if some consumers are interested in it, it takes time to truly become a brand with international influence. Fortunately, this does not affect our production of luxury goods. Enterprises provide related facilities, and there are already a few companies that do this. Shanghai has a portable paper bag manufacturing company. It has been providing paper bags for many famous bags and clothing brands in the world for a long time. Moreover, with the accumulation of experience, we have developed from sample processing at the beginning to the present time, providing proofs for customer designs and providing special paper for mass production.

The key to digital printing entering the field of luxury packaging at a rapid rate in recent years is that it has some irreplaceable advantages over traditional printing processes.

First, it is relatively environmentally friendly.

While developing production, it is necessary to protect the environment in which mankind survives. It is a valuable experience gained through careful reflection after paying a heavy price. It is precisely because of this that General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “It would rather be green, not Jinshan Yinshan because green Shuiqingshan is Jinshan Yinshan.

The four traditional printing processes of concave, convex, flat and hole all have their own strengths, so they also have their own foothold in the printing field, but they have less negative impact on the environment than the new printing technology of digital printing. There are still some deficiencies. Digital printing can win favor in luxury packaging to a large extent. Of course, if it is not digital printing, there will be no emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition to electrostatic technology using toner, the use of electronic ink or solvent-containing ink-jet materials will still volatilize to some extent during the production process. The emission of organic materials is only the installation of centralized collection and treatment equipment for these devices, and the amount of emissions from external sources is slightly lower. Therefore, in emphasizing the protection of the environment, many socially responsible entrepreneurs are actively conducting governance, and even brewing more water-based flexographic or digital printing processes. Digital printing is also an important reason for the rapid development of non-paper media in construction, decoration, and textile printing.

Luxury goods are inherently superior among similar products. In addition to the significant value embodied in the product itself, the choice of printing process should naturally lead the development trend. The most secure and reliable, so it can be replaced by digital printing technology. In the case of traditional craftsmanship, naturally more luxury brands are willing to pay for adopting new technology, as long as they can get extra points for luxury buyers.

Second, it is easy to meet the needs of personalized products.

According to the five-level pyramid theory of human needs put forward by the American psychologist Maslow in the 1943 book "The Theory of Human Incentives", after the society enters the well-to-do stage from the food and clothing stage, people's pursuit naturally follows from the past. Security needs evolve to the needs of society and respect. They want to win a sense of belonging and win respect from others. At the same time, the increase in the level of income has brought about an increase in purchasing power. It has become possible not only to publicize and show personality but also to become fashionable. We do criticize people by appearances and dismiss them as “dogs look at people’s low”. However, it is difficult for the society composed of mortal beings to get rid of the above situations objectively. The use of luxury goods to show off value also actually exists, and it is indeed useful at a certain level. This is the contradiction between the moral criticism and the social status quo as a luxury, the pursuit of the original is not the amount of sales, but the owner of the proud, some even to a limited edition to win higher market prices. The digital printing with an advantage of printing is completely in line with the requirement of personalized consumption. It can print the name of the consumer or the recipient on the external packaging of the brand owner. For glory.

Digital printing, which is characterized by satisfying personalized printing needs, coincides with the idea that luxury goods are designed to demonstrate consumer identity. Therefore, the use of digital printing as a luxury print packaging is a plus for luxury products.

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