Fresnel Introduces Optical Nano-image Technology

- May 24, 2018-

Fresnel introduces optical nano-image technology

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Fresnels has introduced a new optical nano-image technology that allows designers to create more eye-catching, elegant and sophisticated packaging.

Cellini and Cellini Plus images enhance brand recognition on packaging while increasing resistance to piracy and phishing threats. It uses standard foil hot application technology and can be used by brand owners, printing companies and processing companies.

The three-dimensional graphic effect provided by Cellini is color-free, and is characterized by the appearance of a metallic effect that shows the sculpture or cast. Cellini PLUS has an extra color highlight effect that softens visual effects.


These images are made using nano-precision digital technology. The largest image area is currently 20cm x 20cm. The company has plans to increase Cellini's image area to 1m by 1m, as the demand for large-format packaging and brand design continues to grow.

The hot stamping foils designed using Cellini have been produced and can be stamped at speeds of up to 120 m/min using folding carton material. This makes it an attractive and cost-effective technology for delivering 3D haptic images to packaging without the use of expensive composite processes.

Packaging made with Cellini images is completely recyclable, which reinforces its attractiveness as an environmental option for end users. Fresnel believes that cosmetics/perfume, health care and alcohol beverage packaging are the target markets for this technology.

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