Queen Of Papermaking: Investing 2.6 Billion Yuan In Environmental Protection, Selling Paper Revenue Of 39 Billion Yuan A Year

- May 24, 2018-

Queen of Papermaking: investing 2.6 billion yuan in environmental protection, selling paper revenue of 39 billion yuan a year

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Over the past 20 years, she has been adhering to the concept of “no green packaging without environmental protection”. The company’s environmental protection funds have been used for 2.6 billion yuan, and 100% of raw materials for papermaking are waste paper. Two scientific and technological achievement awards were obtained, and advanced technologies for research and development were promoted in the national paper industry. She is the world's largest paper company, Zhang Yin, founder of Nine Dragons Paper.

In 1958, Zhang Yin was born in Northeast Jixi Coal City and had 8 children at home. As the eldest daughter of Zhang Yin, she and her mother took up the responsibility of supporting the family. Young Zhang Yin experienced the ups and downs of the human world. In 1977, Zhang Yin was fortunate enough to catch the first year's college entrance examination, admitted to the university, and studied accounting.

In 1982, Zhang Yin graduated from college and went to Shenzhen. She started accounting at a fabric factory. After six months, she jumped to a Hong Kong-owned company and switched to sales after two years. Due to the previous appointment of a paper mill in China to Hong Kong to purchase waste paper. Zhang Yin began to enter the field of converting straw pulp paper into environmentally friendly papermaking. She quickly learned about the shortage of paper in the Mainland and huge market potential.

At that time, the paper mills in the Mainland all used paper straw to make paper. The quality of the paper produced was rough and could not be used for packaging products. Packaging paper could only be manufactured from waste paper in Hong Kong.

China's forest resources are relatively poor, especially the construction of fast-growing forests for papermaking, which lags behind. Therefore, most of the high-grade paper materials need to be imported waste paper and wood pulp (the domestic waste paper collection system is not sound, and the level is not enough), developed countries and regions. The waste paper has become an important way to solve the bottleneck of China's papermaking raw materials. This low threshold, known as “recovery”, has attracted many merchants and Hong Kong has become their most important distribution center. As a result, Zhang Yin started a waste paper recycling business in Hong Kong.

The business was so profitable that she decided to do it. Soon, her papermaking career grew bigger and bigger, and her first pot of gold was achieved.

After 1995, the demand for high-grade paper in China began to increase. All this was for the long-prepared Zhang Yin. In 1996, Zhang Yin invested 110 million U.S. dollars to establish Nine Dragons Paper, and in 1998, the production line with a capacity of 200,000 tons was completed. This was the case for many small factories with domestic competitors producing only 50,000 yuan at the time. Zhang Yin settled it and quickly consolidated the position of the industry.

On March 3rd, 2006, for Zhang Yin, she may remember this time forever, because this is the day when her business, Nine Dragons Paper, went public.

Lee Shau Kee, Kuok Hock Ngan, Cheng Yu Tung and other big brothers have already bought a large number of shares of Nine Dragons. After the capital operation, the performance of Nine Dragons Paper has become more and more popular. It has become a component stock of the Morgan Stanley Capital International Global Index and the Standard Index.

In 2016, Zhang Yin's corporate product sales reached 13 million tons, sales of 32.1 billion yuan, and profits of 5.86 billion. Ranked 5th in the 2016 Hurun Women's Rich List.

Zhang Yin talked about the secret of success, Zhang Yin said, "If you can only build a three-star hotel, you will never be piqued to build a five-star." Even if the dream sounds impractical, success may seem to be out of reach, but the key One of the points - even if they are criticized, they will not waver. They will continue to adhere to their own beliefs and work hard until the successful day!

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