Board Card Game Printing, Kids Board Games and Fun Board Games

Board Card Game Printing, Kids Board Games and Fun Board Games

Board card game and fun boare games have a greal deal of fun and help people kill time, in higly devloped countries there is a great market for those. Our products are of great fun, intelligent and interesting, many people talk higly about our products.

Product Details

Board card game and fun boare games have a greal deal of fun and help people kill time, in higly devloped countries there is a great market for those. Our products are of great fun, intelligent and interesting, many people talk higly about our products.

Product Details:

Artwork Format

PDF, AI, CDR, JPG, indd, and the other design software artwork format


Art Paper, Craft Paper, Coated Paper, Glossy Paper, Bible paper, Matte Paper, Offset Paper, Fancy Paper, Newsprint Paper, Woodfree Paper, Grease proof Paper, Paperboard, Cardboard, Millboard, Corrugated Board, Duplex Board etc.


Cover:4C/4C Inner sheet:4C/4C etc.(Any color is available)


Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Flexo graphic Printing, Letterpress Printing, Gravure Printing, Transfer Printing etc.

Surface Handling

Embossing, Hot stamping, Vanishing, UV coating, Spot UV, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Film Lamination etc.


Perfect Binding, Sewing Binding, Wire Binding, Spiral Binding, Plastic Comb binding, Thread Stitching, Saddle Stitching, Folded Leaflet etc.

product name

bible stories for children book printing

Production Capacity

100000pcs per day



Delivery time: sample for 3-5 working days and order for 3-7 working days
About Our Service: free dummy samples before order
Advanced samples for quality confirmation before delivery
Good payment terms for long time business, We will do our best to meet you needs

Printing tips:

Printing related knowledge 1. In the design of documents, it is important to set a high pixel, at least 300dpi, otherwise it is easy to become a low resolution image.

Directly affect the quality of printing. 2. Bleeding, is every company, every document is required. In the process of printing, there will be no case of sleeve and cutting. Normal books are three-side bleeding, if it is Wiro book, it requires four edges of bleeding. Generally 2 to 3 mm. If the printing company said that the bleeding was not enough, it would be troublesome to change it again.

In the same way, corner lines and page information are also necessary beyond 3 millimeters. 3. In order to proofing and printing easy registration, black line K100 can not penetrate through; Black bitmap placed on the background must be used without hollowing black coloring, false shadow using a single K-color, large area of black should be added c40%, m10%, retreat to be smooth and natural, not Lu Bai, and if the use of spot color, please choose to wear through. Otherwise it will cause the yin and yang color. Using spot color, we all recommend a little bit of the edge.

If you do not know the company's standards, you can ask the printing company to help. 4. In the production of documents, especially boxes and Wiro books, we often have to use the beer line. Because no binding products, and finally to make finished product, it is necessary to use the corresponding beer line file to make a paper-like knife die for cutting or folding pressure. Like a box, with a folding position and a bit of trimming. We demand that the folding be made into a dashed line and the cutting position is made into strength. And all the beer line files should be made into spot color overprint.

Because the beer line is not output. 5. Output problems, be sure to pay attention to do not have low graphics and fonts must be all embedded, turn the line can also.

However, the transfer line is not conducive to late modification of the file. 6. Provide documents to the printing company, you can provide the final PDF file, you can also provide layout files. If it is a PDF file, make sure it is an OK file.

and layout files must be used in the pictures and fonts are provided to the printing company. 7. The printing company will ask you to provide a final proof of the sample, please make sure that this sample is consistent with your final document. At the same time, also ask the printing company to provide a set of final blue paper. (That is, the blue paper from the back end) must be checked carefully.

Even if you give a PDF to a printing company, there is a risk of error in different systems.

In addition, the binding method, horse-drawn, wireless glue, lock line glue, hardcover, there are ventilation glue, another common binding is Wiro book bookbinding, similar to notebooks, spine with metal rings or other materials made of the ring string past books, as well as paper books, directly mounted.

1. Saddle order, no spine, directly is the document from the middle bound.

2. Wireless binding: After folding the page, directly on the binding, such a book to pay attention to the problem of receding ridge, or plastic is not in prison. 3. Lock line glue: Also known as the string of plastic equipment. Relative to the wireless binding, is a string of time to wear online.

Then the glue will be much firmer. 4. Hardcover: Hardcover book meat is generally used in the binding of strings. But there are more complex finishing processes in hardcover. For example, hardcover writing is the shell surface. The surface of the shell is generally removed from the normal cover, and also around the extra 15MM package side, and the shell is bigger than the book meat.

Specific look at the requirements of the books. 5. Aeration glue: According to the truth of oil and water is not dissolved, we in the glue, always to avoid the glue on the place there is ink, if there is ink, we have to clean up the document when the white block (this will generally be handled in the printing company, without the designer to deal with themselves). But there is no need to worry about this problem with the ventilation gel.

After the book string, will use a special machine, in the spine of the grinding, so that the spine of a little bit of grinding, so that the glue will be directly on the white Paper and not on the ink. General Plastic Book is a paperback, paperback and hardcover book The biggest difference is sealed and the problem of the shell surface.

The standards for each printing company will vary. There is also a common Wiro book binding. When we do the file, under normal circumstances, in addition to the spine, the other three sides will bleed 3 millimeters, but the Wiro book requires four edges of bleeding, because it has no spine, is the four-cut.

And then use a special mold to the spine of the serial port of the small hole, and then the designated materials made of the ring through the production. There is also a book, to challenge paper books, in the production, and the normal document does not make a big difference, the main difference is in the printing and binding process.

However, in the production of documents, there must be two-page production publishing.

Printing workshop
Our strength & brief as below:
1.The factory was established in early 1998, a large-scale printing and packaging company, The current fixed assets is more than 150 million yuan, we have our own industrial park, with dormitory, plant and office building, it covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters.
2.We have about 100 machines including pre-press, printing, bindery and self-adhesive satellite-wide rotary production equipment.
3.Products Scope:
Business scope: all book publications, color advertising pictures, hardcover album, packaging box, calendars, all kinds of PVC, product brochures, notes, Children's book, stickers, all kinds of special paper color printing products.
4.Exported to about 30 countries, the annual turnover is about RMB 100 million.
5.It is an appointed manufacturer for the publications of State Press and Publishing Administration.
6.Got ISO9000, China national well-known brand.

Book binding and surface disposal

Printing quality management system certificate ISO9001:2008




There are 6sets 4/5 color printing presses. A 4+4 color printing presses will be imported soon to meet y more requirements.



Color check during printing to ensure the same color as the prepress sample or your sample.


High-quality prepress ctp system, providing accurate outlets, which is the basic guarantee of good printing result.



Heidelberg folding machine. Precise folding is the beginning of a good book after printing.



Fully automatic Martini sewing machine. All hard cover books needs high quality sewing.



Automatic laminating machine and UV machine.



Fully automatic Muller Martini perfect binding line



Cole Booth hard cover line and fully automatic Cole Booth hull machine



Fully automatic cities CP gum machine.



Universal treasure surface knife for precise book cutting and hard cover making machine.

And other book making machine, we offer 1 stop book production service.



Gilding and die-cutting


Q: How long can I expect to get the sample?
A: After receiving the sample charge and all the material & design being confirmed, the sample time is 3 days and Express 
delivery usually needs around 3-5 day.

Q: How to Get in Touch with Us?
A: 1, Leave us a message or talk to us on Trading Manager at the BOTTOM of this page
2, Reach us Directly on Skype: joyful-printing
3, Call our telephone: 86-755-23767621 Mobile: 86-13632944480

Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are a manufacturer in the printing & packaging area for more than 15 years. Right now we have more than 500 workers in our factory in ShenZhen. Our products comply with ISO9001:2008 . We are the AAA grade enterprise in China.

Q: How should I Write the Enquiry?
A: Try to describe it according to the following aspects:
1, Dimensions: Length, width, height.
2, Paper type: Art paper, Grey board, Specialty paper, Ivory board ,Offset paper etc.
3, Pages:4/8/12/16 pages or an integral multiple based on above metioned pages.
It will be more helpful if you include images in the enquiry. Our professional team will get back to you with the best solutions and designs for your reference.

Q: How can I get the samples?
A: We can make samples for you to run tests on, but there will be sample costs and express charges. When you place the bulk order, we will refund you the amount.

Q: How much is the freight for samples?
A: It really depends on the weight and size of them. Generally speaking, it should be no less than 50 USD.

Q: When can I get the quotation for my enquiry? 
A: Usually the quotation will be sent to you within one working day upon all the details of products being clear. If something urgently, we can quote for you within 1 hour based on all details you provide.

Q: Can I get a sample before bulk production? 
A: Yes. The normal produce progress is that we will make a pre-production sample or your quality evaluation. 
The mass production will be started after we get your confirmation on this sample.

Q: what kind of paper can be printed on? 
A: We have several kinds of paper material available which depends on your products need, like the wood free paper, art paper, kraft paper, paper cardboard, etc.

Q: How to make the order?
A: Please send us your purchase order via Email or you can request us to send you the proforma invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order:
1) Product information: Quantity, Specifications (Size, Material, Finish and Packing requirements etc.
2) Required Delivery Time.
3) Shipping information: Company Name, Street address, Phone&Fax number,Destination Sea Port, etc.
4) Forwarder's contact details if there's any in China.
About the square back, the spine will be thicker than text for sewing , which will be more obvious as the signature of the book increases.So the thickness of the spine should be less than 20mm if y chose square back.

Q: How long is the bulk production time?
A: Normally 12-15 days. Rush order is available.

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