New Application Of Intelligent Packaging For Visual Code Opening In The Era Of IoT

- May 14, 2018-

New application of Intelligent packaging for visual code opening in the era of IoT

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Just the past 2016 years for China's packaging and printing industry is doomed to be an extraordinary year, many large enterprises making determined efforts, integrated rich resources into the "things Networked intelligent packaging" field of research and development and application exploration.

  Orikin, the new network of investment in the field of intelligent packaging, China Packaging Corporation set up China Intelligent Logistics Packaging (Group) Co., Ltd., the Internet cloud Platform and intelligent packaging has been frequently favored by the capital market.

  What is "the intelligent packaging of things on the Internet" The so-called "things networking intelligent Packaging" is the existing packaging technology based on the addition of information functions, combined with mobile devices, Internet technology to read.

  Giving items Unique identification information is the first step in the interconnection of all things, while intelligent packaging with one code tag is the physical basis for a series of applications that can be connected, shared, and can be purchased. As the connection point of human and object, intelligent packaging has great development potential. Intelligent packaging contains three kinds of technology to realize the path, namely functional material type intelligent packaging, functional structure Intelligent packaging and information type intelligent packaging. The concrete embodiment is the application innovation packaging material, the structure and the form to the commodity quality and the circulation security carries on the active intervention and the safeguard, utilizes the information collection, the management, the control and the processing technology completes to the Transportation packing system optimization management and so on.

  This article analyzes the case belongs to the information type Intelligent packing category.

  What is visual code Two-dimensional code as a connection to all things interconnected, in recent years has made explosive growth, while the set of images, text, brand information, design elements in a visual code is more Bo people's eyes. The label containing the visual code compares with the traditional two-dimensional code label, can convey the clear information through the vivid image and the text, lets the consumer be more at ease to sweep the code, through unifies the product image, promotes the sweep code rate and the attention degree, guides more consumer interaction. The visual code is generated by the content management and marketing rules engine of the backend platform, and the updated landing page can still be modified after printing. The data analysis function enables the brand to track and manage the process and effect of the marketing activities in real time. If the visual code and other physical security materials, can be digitized physical materials, and thus enhance the anti-counterfeiting effect and the use of experience.

  Therefore, in recent years, visual code in FMCG, retail and security areas have outstanding performance.

  Application of visual code in intelligent packaging of FMCG Based on the label cost and commodity size considerations, fast-moving consumer goods packaging on the label size is generally relatively limited, if you want to contain brand information, and include a call to consumers to participate in the scanning activities of the guidance information, and even contains a high reading rate of two-dimensional code, it was difficult to on a label to achieve so much connection between consumers and brand information. The advantage of using visual code is: First, the visual code is the use of image processing and recognition technology generated with intuitive color and image effect of the readable matrix, can let the brand information, promotional slogans and the dissemination of content to achieve a perfect fit, to save the label space. Second, the visual code can be integrated with brand identification, activity content and other images, not only can enhance the brand's exposure, but also make it easier for consumers to understand the content that will be obtained after the sweep code, to enhance the consumer's desire to scan the code, increase the interaction between the brand and consumers, for the brand to seize every opportunity point of consumption contact the best entrance. According to statistic data, the participation rate of visual code sweep code is more than 10 times times higher than traditional black-and-white two-dimensional code, which greatly strengthens the appeal of brand activities. Third, the visual code with back-end content management platform, even if the manufacturer in the visual code after the need to modify the content of the platform, or even several times to update the landing page, can be easily resolved. At the same time, the visual code conforms to the coding rules of standard two-dimensional code, so any mobile device reader can quickly read the visual code without downloading and installing additional software. Visual code tags can be with a variety of brands of variable label printing equipment, traditional printing equipment docking, without increasing the cost of existing labels, in the paper around the label, self-adhesive labels, double label and other materials to complete the assignment.

Visual code in the plastic material, metal material, textile material packaging on the code also has outstanding performance. The marketing campaign initiated by the brand is usually designed to be consumed by the consumer before it is finished, so it is necessary to assign the code to a specific location within the package. The interior of Pet bottle cap and the easy open cover are the ideal position, but the code of the traditional two-dimensional code in these positions will have the problem of low reading rate and influence on the production line. Based on the readable matrix technique, the combination of visual code and the coding material, the color and color masterbatch of the coating optimizes the lattice distribution, which solves the problem of the reading rate and the online assignment capacity, the efficiency of the code is 30% higher than the traditional two-dimensional code, the sweep code response speed is increased by 45%, which breaks through the high speed in the fast consumable packaging

  A large number of technical bottlenecks to complete one-yard code assignment.

  Application of visual code in new Retail Intelligent packaging field November 2016, the Xinhua news agency published in the State Council, "on the promotion of physical retailing innovation transformation", in particular, it is pointed out that the entity retailing enterprises should be guided to improve the informatization level, integrate the advantages of offline logistics, service and experience with online business flow, capital flow and information flow, and expand the whole channel layout of intelligence and network.

  Visual Code label by virtue of the front end of the visual appeal and robust background management system, in the retail area to explore an innovative development of the road. With the retail industry maturing in the domestic development, more and more retailers are looking at store operations and meticulous management. Consumers and retailers communicate not through channels, but by contacts with retailers.

  This objectively pushes retailers and brand makers to assign code to smaller, larger-scale layouts on the shop floor.

  American International professional Nail brand O.P.I at the beauty show at the Taipei World Trade Center in the Commodity Publicity board and a single commodity on the use of a code of the Visual Code label, compared to the previous promotional activities, O.P.I in the field to obtain the sweep rate is 20 times times before. An organic vegetable brand in supermarket shelves hanging large visual code posters, so that the brand of organic vegetables marketing activities at a glance, can interact with consumers at a distance, but also with the theme of commodity brand design to maintain the same.

  At the same time in the organic Vegetables single product label also by using one thing a yard of visual code, so that consumers after scanning code can obtain vegetable origin, growth environment, logistics supply traceability information, enhance the consumer's willingness to purchase and brand loyalty. Virtual Shelf is an innovative spatial layout method used by retailers in recent years. Consumers scan the virtual shelves of goods displayed on the packaging of two-dimensional code, access to the purchase of the product page link.

  Because each two-dimensional code on the virtual shelves represents a different commodity, each row of virtual shelves have dozens of code points, the use of visual code labels can clearly show two-dimensional code corresponding to the goods, more convenient for consumers to participate in the experience, but also enhance the overall beauty of the shelves. Normal two-dimensional code once delivered to production printing, the code surface itself can not be modified, which gives the brand in the product shelf cycle and cost management brings trouble, so need a management platform so that each smart packaging on the two-dimensional code tag behind the marketing information and landing pages are dynamically updatable. Visual code tag background rules engine provides the ability to display different landing pages under different rules, brand business can be based on activity time, geographical area, sweep code equipment types and crowd portraits and other attributes, combined with marketing activities content, dynamic management and adjustment has been completed printing Visual Code label landing page content, in order to achieve "thousand people face"

  Marketing approach provides technical tools.

  Application of visual code in anti-counterfeiting field Only the United HP Indigo Digital Printing and AVT (Advanced Vision Technology) Image Acquisition technology, the visual code and holographic anti-counterfeiting material organically combined, developed a series of safety factors and products to improve security capabilities of the technology, through public information, hidden information,

  Holographic image materials such as physical defense technology and patented technology code system operation rules engine for the brand marketing activities, product quality, brand image escort. Holographic materials and two-dimensional codes have been widely used in the field of anti-counterfeiting, but the holographic materials and two-dimensional codes have their own shortcomings and limitations. From the angle of the 6 dimension methodology of the anti-counterfeiting solution, the digital label of the holographic visual code can improve the security level effectively. Its digital method is: in the printing process through the AVT detection equipment to collect the label lattice information, at the same time and holographic image information mode binding, complete the digital holographic material. The entire production process requires professional authorization and hardware encryption technology, can not be easily obtained, enhance the cost of counterfeiting labels. In the printing process, the use of conventional equipment, will not increase the cost of printing production lines.

  Since the holographic visual code tag contains graphical information, it can also be used as a brand promotion media to promote brand awareness and stimulate the interactive experience between consumers and brands. As Yovar Herali, a new historian, points out in a brief history of the future, "data is not just a theory of rhetoric." Data-doctrine to connect more and more media, generate and use more and more information, let the data flow maximization. Connect everything to the system, and everything here is not just human, but everything. "The Internet of Things smart packaging to enhance the brand to effectively interact with users depth, access to more data, will play an increasingly important role in the future, visual code will play a unique role."


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