Try To Embrace Digital Printing Actively

- May 14, 2018-

Try to embrace digital printing actively 

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In the era of digital information, we need digital printing to provide more services for our customers. I am also very happy that digital printing enriches the label printing process. However, at present, digital printing accounts for a small share of the label printing market. This is mainly because Because different labels have different attitudes towards digital printing, there are generally the following types:

Indifferent: In the corner, you can change. I don't believe it! Don't want to! Do not understand! Hold traditional printing process to provide basic services for traditional customers. Typical old stubborn!

Eat melon mass type: See more, ask less, do not martyrs and pioneers! Convinced that we must wait for the time to mature and then shot. The typical rabbit does not see the eagle!

Head thermal impulse type: brains live, eyes fast, sensitive to new information, technology, I believe that freshly eaten all over the sky, it does not matter when you pay the tuition fees, buy the first dry, while operating to find customers Technical experience. Typical "trilateral"ism!

Beware of river crossings: Thorough understanding of customer needs, careful consideration of new technologies, use of their own products, and no useless investment. Budget out of the investment return cycle, steadily and steadily, and gradually introduce equipment to meet the current needs of customers.

Strategic type: Most multinational companies use the leveraging role of the capital market, use new technologies, new equipment, new processes, and new materials to intervene from the product process design stage, expand, and explore the advantages of digital printing to create value for customers.

The reason why everyone has a different attitude towards digital printing is because digital printing has the advantages of simple and flexible use, high conversion efficiency, but its core technology is highly exclusive, not only expensive, but label printing companies have no right to speak when purchasing. Bargaining power, the supply chain protection is not high. In addition, from the point of view of the label printing industry itself, it is not an easy task for traditional label printers to really get involved in the field of digital printing. The following issues must be considered comprehensively.

Is there a strong demand for digital prints from its own customers?

People, machines, materials, law, and ring, five elements of total quality management are indispensable, digital printing supply chain matching efficiency is high, mature?

There are many types of digital printing equipment, and there are great disparities in the purchase price and the cost of use. How do you solve the problem of network line angles and spot color effects? Pre-coating techniques such as material master?

For me personally, I think the demand for the future label printing market must be digital. Communication and services must also be digital. The future will be:

Digital Management + Digital Printing = Digital Products

Digital Management + Digital Printing + Traditional Printing Process + Creative Thinking = Perfectly Valuable Labels

In 2018, our company will keep up with the pace of the times, actively embrace digital printing, and proceed with the purchase of digital flow software and digital printing equipment. We will intensify our efforts to create a new era of printers and earnestly perform a lifetime!

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