July 1, Cosmetic Packaging No Longer Used Qs Logo The State Administration Of Food And Drug

- May 12, 2018-

July 1, cosmetic packaging no longer used  "Qs" logo The State administration of Food and Drug 

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Administration bulletin said: "Cosmetics production enterprises existing packaging identification can be used until June 30, 2017, since July 1, 2017 the production of cosmetics must be marked with the" Cosmetics production license "information of the new packaging logo.

  ” Since July 1, 2017, the new packaging label no longer use the "qs" logo, the previous use of the original packaging label production of cosmetics, in the shelf life can continue to use.

  "QS" will be withdrawn from the stage of history of cosmetics ushered in "big dress up." QS "logo for industrial products production license Mark, there is" QS "logo Product description of this product after a mandatory inspection qualified, allowed to enter the market sales.

  September 2005, cosmetics were included in the "QS" certification ranks, after ten years, with the promulgation of the combination of two certificates, so that "QS" logo gradually withdrew from the stage of history. At the same time, since July 1, 2017, adjust the identification content of sunscreen effect.

  Its product packaging can be used until June 30, 2017, the relevant products can be sold to the end of their shelf life.


  Sun-proof Cosmetics-sunscreen effect identification management requirements

  First, sunscreen index (SPF) logo The indicator of SPF should be based on the SPF value actually measured by the product.

  When the measured SPF value of the product is less than 2 o'clock, it is not allowed to identify the sunscreen effect; When the measured SPF value in the 2~50 (including 2 and 50, the same below), should identify the measured SPF value, when the product measured SPF value is greater than 50 o'clock, should be identified as spf50+. Sunscreen cosmetics without waterproof performance measurement, or product waterproof performance measurement results show that after bathing SPF value reduced by more than 50%, not to claim waterproof effect.

  Claims to have waterproof effect of sunscreen cosmetics, can be marked at the same time before bathing and bathing SPF value, or only after bathing SPF value, not only to mark Bath before SPF value.

  Long-wavelength ultraviolet (UVA) protective effect identification

  When the critical wavelength (CW) of sunscreen cosmetics is greater than 370nm, it can be used to identify the wide spectrum sun protection effect. The identification of UVA protective effects should be based on the actual determination of the PFA value and on the product label to identify the UVB protective grade pa.

  When the PFA value is less than 2 o'clock, the UVA protection effect is not identified, and when the PFA value is 2~3, it is identified as pa+, PFA when the 4~7 value is pa++, and PFA when the 8~15 value is pa+++, and the PFA value is greater than or equal to 16 o'clock.

  Third, the sun protection effect mark change and the correlation index determination If the mark of sunscreen effect of sunscreen cosmetics is changed, it shall submit the change application form, product design package and sunscreen effect inspection report to the Department of Food and Drug Administration.

  A copy of the inspection report may be submitted on the basis of the test report of the sun-proof effect submitted at the time of the original declaration, and the original of the inspection report shall be submitted on the basis of the new sunscreen effect inspection report.

Sunscreen Cosmetics Sunscreen Index, waterproof performance, critical wavelength, long-wave ultraviolet protection index, etc., should be in accordance with the "Cosmetic Safety Technical Specification" (2015 edition) of the testing methods required to determine, if necessary, reference to international Standards Organization (ISO) issued by the relevant inspection methods.


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