Business Flyer, Flyer Printing, Food Flyer and Other Printing Service

Business Flyer, Flyer Printing, Food Flyer and Other Printing Service

We provide all kinds of flyers printing. we are one of the large scale printing factory in Shenzhen China. we could meets you all books priniting requirements. wish joyful business with us.

Product Details

We provide all kinds of flyers printing. we are one of the large scale printing factory in Shenzhen China. we could meets you all books priniting requirements. wish joyful business with us.

Product Details:

Artwork Format

PDF, AI, CDR, JPG, indd, and the other design software artwork format


Art Paper, Craft Paper, Coated Paper, Glossy Paper, Bible paper, Matte Paper, Offset Paper, Fancy Paper, Newsprint Paper, Woodfree Paper, Grease proof Paper, Paperboard, Cardboard, Millboard, Corrugated Board, Duplex Board etc.


Cover:4C/4C Inner sheet:4C/4C etc.(Any color is available)


Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Flexo graphic Printing, Letterpress Printing, Gravure Printing, Transfer Printing etc.

Surface Handling

Embossing, Hot stamping, Vanishing, UV coating, Spot UV, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Film Lamination etc.


Perfect Binding, Sewing Binding, Wire Binding, Spiral Binding, Plastic Comb binding, Thread Stitching, Saddle Stitching, Folded Leaflet etc.

product name

bible stories for children book printing

Production Capacity

100000pcs per day



Delivery time: sample for 3-5 working days and order for 3-7 working days
About Our Service: free dummy samples before order
Advanced samples for quality confirmation before delivery
Good payment terms for long time business, We will do our best to meet you needs

Printing tips:

Type of printing

  In addition to choosing the right print media (paper) and ink, the final effect of the printed matter needs to be done through an appropriate printing method. There are a variety of printing types, different methods, operation is different, costs and effects vary.

  The current printing methods can be divided into letterpress, gravure, lithography and hole version of the four major categories of printing:

  (1) letterpress printing, printing lines higher than the non-print

  (2) gravure printing, printed pattern sag in the layout

  (3) Offset printing, no raised or sunken printing lines

  (4) hole plate printing, printing ink through the hole Since the Chinese invention of wood-type movable technology, the printing method has been changing day by day.

  The most commonly used industrial printing methods today are: 1. Offset printing (also known as offset) Offset printing, which can be used to reduce the color, contrast and level of quadrochromatic with high precision, is the most popular method of paper printing at present.

  Applies to posters, brochures, brochures, newspapers, packaging, books, magazines, calendars and other related color printed matter.

  2. letterpress Printing Letterpress printing technology, generally in the text more, photos and pictures, the change in the text of the opportunity, the number of printed goods are used. It is suitable for small batch tasks such as invitation card, business card, label and small packing box.

  Traditional sequential number printing and small trademark overprinting are performed in a letterpress manner.

  3. Screen printing Screen printing as a use of a wide range of printing, according to the differences in the printer materials can be divided into: textile printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing, lottery screen printing, advertising board screen printing, metal Advertising board screen printing, stainless steel screen printing, light reflective body screen printing, electro-optical transfer of aluminum,

  Screen printing and lacquer screen printing and so on. Hole version of printing technology, printing inks are particularly strong, the most suitable for the production of special effects of the printed pieces. The quantity is not large and the ink color needs the concentration is particularly suitable. And can be printed on the stereo surface, such as square boxes, boxes, round bottles, cans and so on. In addition to paper can also be printed cloth, plastic fabrics, plywood, film, metal films, glass and so on. Common products are banner, banners, t-shirts, tile-ribbed cartons, soda bottles and circuit boards.

  The flexible features of screen printing are unmatched by other printing methods.

  4. Rubber version Printing A type of letterpress that is only applicable to the printing of plastic bags, labels and the size of plastic packaging. Usually enter the rubber version of the printing press is the volume of the media is not a single sheet, after printing to cut by sheet.

  Printing outlets, lines of fine degree than offset and letterpress printing, can not be used to print books and periodicals.

  5. Gravure printing Suitable for printing high-quality and expensive printed matter, whether in color or black-and-white pictures, gravure printing effect can be compared with photographic photographs. Because of the expensive Seihan, printing must be large, it is also in the general method less used.

  Applicable to the printing of securities, stocks, coupons, commercial credit vouchers or stationery. With the rapid development of technology, we can use some of the above printing methods to output the media directly on the computer today. And the electrostatic imaging and laser technology mature so that small batch high-quality requirements of the "on-demand printing" can be achieved.

Printing workshop
Our strength & brief as below:
1.The factory was established in early 1998, a large-scale printing and packaging company, The current fixed assets is more than 150 million yuan, we have our own industrial park, with dormitory, plant and office building, it covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters.
2.We have about 100 machines including pre-press, printing, bindery and self-adhesive satellite-wide rotary production equipment.
3.Products Scope:
Business scope: all book publications, color advertising pictures, hardcover album, packaging box, calendars, all kinds of PVC, product brochures, notes, Children's book, stickers, all kinds of special paper color printing products.
4.Exported to about 30 countries, the annual turnover is about RMB 100 million.
5.It is an appointed manufacturer for the publications of State Press and Publishing Administration.
6.Got ISO9000, China national well-known brand.

Book binding and surface disposal

Printing quality management system certificate ISO9001:2008




There are 6sets 4/5 color printing presses. A 4+4 color printing presses will be imported soon to meet y more requirements.



Color check during printing to ensure the same color as the prepress sample or your sample.


High-quality prepress ctp system, providing accurate outlets, which is the basic guarantee of good printing result.



Heidelberg folding machine. Precise folding is the beginning of a good book after printing.



Automatic laminating machine and UV machine.



Gilding and die-cutting


Q: How much is the freight for samples?
A: It really depends on the weight and size of them. Generally speaking, it should be no less than 50 USD.

Q: How long can I expect to get the sample?
A: After receiving the sample charge and all the material & design being confirmed, the sample time is 3 days and Express
delivery usually needs around 3-5 day.

Q: How to make the order?
A: Please send us your purchase order via Email or you can request us to send you the proforma invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order:
1) Product information: Quantity, Specifications (Size, Material, Finish and Packing requirements etc.
2) Required Delivery Time.
3) Shipping information: Company Name, Street address, Phone&Fax number,Destination Sea Port, etc.
4) Forwarder's contact details if there's any in China.
About the square back, the spine will be thicker than text for sewing , which will be more obvious as the signature of the book increases.So the thickness of the spine should be less than 20mm if y chose square back.

Q: How long is the bulk production time?
A: Normally 12-15 days. Rush order is available.

Q: Can I get a sample before bulk production?
A: Yes. The normal produce progress is that we will make a pre-production sample or your quality evaluation.
The mass production will be started after we get your confirmation on this sample.

Q: what kind of paper can be printed on?
A: We have several kinds of paper material available which depends on your products need, like the wood free paper, art paper, kraft paper, paper cardboard, etc.

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