Langfang, Hebei, Took The Lead In Achieving The Full Coverage Of Financial Support For News Media At All Levels In 2017

- Jun 01, 2018-

Langfang, Hebei, took the lead in achieving the full coverage of financial support for news media at all levels in 2017

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On the afternoon of December 8, the Standing Committee of the Langfang Municipal Committee specially studied the "Notice on Strengthening Financial Support for Press Media at All Levels" issued by the General Office of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the Provincial Government, and studied and deployed measures for implementation. The meeting decided to earnestly implement the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and on the basis of accurate measurement, in 2017, it will take the lead in realizing the full coverage of financial support for news media at all levels and effectively ensure the financial security of all levels of news media. The news unit accelerated the reform and development.

It is reported that Langfang City will increase support for the news media, especially party newspapers, radio and television stations, key websites, and new media construction, as an important part of implementing the party’s ideological work responsibility system, clarify specific requirements, and take effective measures. Measures, strengthen supervision and inspection, and solve the difficulties and problems currently faced by the news media as soon as possible. Finances at all levels will continue to increase support for funding support for news media at the same level, and actively explore new models for supporting the reform and development of news media under new conditions. In accordance with the principle of acquisition and compilation and operation, they will assume public welfare functions and can be incorporated into public culture. The expenditures on collection, distribution, printing, equipment purchase, media integration, and key websites of the service system are fully incorporated into the annual fiscal budget of this level, institutional support for fiscal funds is strengthened, and the government’s long-term purchase of public cultural services is effectively formed. Effect mechanism. The expenditures for propagating special fund for cultural development will also be tilted toward the mainstream media, increase the support ratio, and accelerate the reform and development of news media at all levels.

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