Yachang Topped Hong Kong Printing Award For Three Consecutive Years

- Jun 01, 2018-

Yachang Topped Hong Kong Printing Award for Three Consecutive Years

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On December 5, 2016, the 28th Hong Kong Printing Awards Ceremony was held in Hong Kong. With its exquisite printing skills and outstanding artistic qualities, Yachang Culture Group won one grand prize and one best printing in one action. Among the 15 awards including Book Awards, 5 Champions Awards and 8 Merit Awards, the total number of awards for the three consecutive years is the highest in the audience! To date, Yachang has won 10 grand prizes, 10 best printed book awards, 2 best creative print awards, 57 championship awards, and 90 honorary awards, with a total of 169 awards.

The art of craftsmanship comes from the heart of craftsmanship, and the art comes from ultimate pursuit. Yachang once again wrote a brilliant chapter in the craftsmanship of excellence. In this year's awards selection, 13 books from Yachang took several awards in various categories. Among them, "Beautiful Olympic Culture Volume II" won the grand prize of the audience and the luxury packaging category championship prize; "Embroidery Zhen" won the best printing Book awards and luxury hardcover championship awards; Cold Glacier ink inscriptions won monochrome and two-tone book championship titles; Tibetan literature collections won the hardcover book category championship; Orchid Flower won the championships in text and print category championships. In addition, eight books, including The Great Wall Carols, Taohuawu, and Pingjiang Xintu-Lu Jiren's Collection, won the Merit Award.

The "Beautiful Olympic Culture Volume II" designed and printed by Yachang won the grand prize with a perfect interpretation of the Olympic theme and highly difficult printing and binding techniques. The book is based on the "Olympic Declaration" and the 120-year modern Olympic Games. It integrates the historical scenes of the Eastern and Western sports culture over thousands of years and the development of the 100-year modern Olympic Games. It is the first time that all Olympic cities have been united and shared with the world. The beauty of Olympic culture.

The design concept of the book is based on the connotation of the Olympic Movement: "Peaceful Coexistence, Mutual Inclusion, and Respect for Each Other." It is a book with a deep oriental implied style, which expresses the extension of space and the evolution of time. It was folded into books and unfolded into volumes to create an unprecedented volume of Olympic cultural history.

As the company with the largest number of awards ever made in the Hong Kong Print Awards, Yachang has won the grand prize 10 times since he took part in the Hong Kong Print Awards in 2000, and has created a winning record for the grand prize. Behind the glory is more than twenty years of Yachang's adherence to the spirit of craftsmanship. It is the pursuit of the beauty of art. The birth of each book witnessed the utmost refinement of detail in the Yachang people and was flawless in quality. Each book boutique was endowed with the soul of art under the meticulous craftsmanship of Yachang, highlighting the works of art. Brilliant.

As a leader in the world of graphic arts, Yachang integrates more than 20 years of resources, technology and experience in the field of art. With “science and technology and art” as the core, Yachang launches a series of IT digital services, art books, and art. Innovative art service products in the fields of video and art education.

Combining digital technology and video art, combined with modern IT technology and mobile Internet platforms, the "pass to Yachang" provides professional photographers and photographers with a professional online video art service platform. Through one-click uploading to Yachang, you can turn your photographic works into an exquisite work of art, providing artistic consumers with professional and convenient video art services.

Yachang original Yuntu art book, which integrates avant-garde design, customized services, fine print production and IT database, and integrates the Yachang cloud map service to achieve online cloud book reading, extended video viewing, audio guide listening and 360 degree online view Exhibitions to create an exhibition that never ends.

Yachang panoramic acquisition technology image accuracy is more than 50 times Google's panoramic view, through the VR virtual reality technology to truly restore the scene, to provide visitors with interactive visit experience, so that the majority of art lovers stay at home, you can view the art world.

In addition to this, Yachang has launched a mobile art museum, Chinese art forensics record, and online and offline exhibition services to provide the art industry with a full range of professional services and solutions. For art lovers, Yachang also provides art book and art center membership services, and launches a series of artistic derivative products to meet the vision of art lovers to integrate “art into life”.

Keeping the craftsmanship is ingenious, not only in the graphic arts. Yachang has given the soul of book art with exquisite art printing techniques. It has also used cutting-edge technology to spread the beauty of art and become a world-renowned comprehensive art service organization.

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