Change Packaging Printing Future HUV Demo Conference Successfully Held In Xiamen

- Jun 01, 2018-

Change Packaging Printing Future HUV Demo Conference Successfully Held in Xiamen

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The theme “Change Packaging Printing Future HUV Demonstration Conference” was successfully held on the afternoon of December 10 at the Nikko Hotel in Xiamen. The event was co-organized by a 100-year-old print engineering service provider Komori, a domestic excellent agency service company Yafei, and a color printing company specialized in commerce and packaging.

Attending the meeting were Yang Shuguang, executive vice president of Xiamen Printing Association, Zuo Chuanjian, managing director of Komori Hong Kong Limited, Luo Yandao, vice president of Komori Printing Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Liu Zhen, general manager of Yafei, and Cai Yilong general manager of the company. Lin Longhui, general manager of Shenzhen Haizhonghui Ink Products Co., Ltd. Yi Jianhui, as well as more than 300 spectators such as Komori users, color billion dragon partners, Ke Yin media.

First of all, he was addressed by Yang Shuguang, executive vice president of the Xiamen Printing Association. He particularly praised Komori's printing equipment for its stability and high-quality printing quality, and was fully appreciated by customers. At the same time, he hoped that more users would join hands with Komori. Write a new chapter.

Liu Zhen, General Manager of Yafei, introduced Komori Corporation, strategic cooperation customers, Komori product introduction and Komori's service concept. Under the influence of the Internet and new media, Komori will provide solutions that suit the customer's product characteristics. Komori will bring the most advanced technologies to Chinese users.

Next, Komori's overseas sales department Han Jianming shared HUV drying technology with everyone. The epoch-making drying technology developed by Komori was suitable for commercial and packaging printing; ozone-free, emission-free, energy consumption was 1/3 that of conventional UV; Eliminating dusting, a wide range of substrates, significantly shortened lead times, optimized manufacturing processes, and truly "one size fits all" production advantages. Han Jianming also disclosed that as of August this year, HUV has installed more than 700 units in the world and installed more than 40 units in China.

Luo Yandao, Vice President of Komori Printing Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., shared the theme of “The future of digital printing has come.” In digital printing, Komori combines the stable electromechanical technology of offset printing presses, mature paper conveying motor drive technology and advanced digital printing. Inkjet technology has created Komori IS29, NS40 and other Komori digital presses. Komori’s IS29 digital press has already begun sales in China. Yachang has become the first user of the IS29 digital press in China and has already reached a strategic partnership. The Nano inkjet NS40 jointly developed with Randa will also be available in China. Not only that, Komori's service extended to pre-press cooperation with Kodak, India established a partnership with Highcon, and established a digital post-print partnership with BN. From this we can see that Komori is fully prepared to create a better future in digital printing.

Shenzhen Jianzhonghui General Manager Yi Jianhui, through the numerical comparison of different series of UV inks, shared relevant technical information for everyone. Haihui ink is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of UV inks, integrating R&D, production and sales. Has outstanding HUV ink, LED UV ink, UV offset ink, UV screen printing ink, UV letterpress ink, UV gravure ink, UV flexo ink and other products, widely used in cigarette packs, wine boxes, daily chemical packaging, Film, paper and other fields. Representative clients include Shenzhen Jinjia, Taiwan Lijie, Shenzhen New Cooperation, Sichuan Fine Printing (Wuliangye), Shenzhen Xian Junlong and others.

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