Intelligence Has Become An Inevitable Choice For The Printing Industry. Are You Still Hesitating?

- May 16, 2018-

Intelligence has become an inevitable choice for the printing industry. Are you still hesitating?

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In recent years, with the continuous development of social development and various innovative technologies, intelligent manufacturing has become the focus of intense discussion in all walks of life. Naturally, it is no exception for the printing industry. Intelligent construction can help printing companies to achieve a high degree of automation in the production process, process optimization, and ultimately achieve the purpose of reducing costs, reducing waste, improving quality and improving efficiency.

The intelligent development of China's printing industry is at the critical and basic stage of technology assembly, exploration implementation, management adjustment, and step-by-step promotion. Due to the powerful function of intelligence in breaking the supply of market factors, in some qualified companies, it is showing a strong trend of accelerated promotion. More and more printing companies choose to help themselves achieve transformation and upgrading by introducing intelligent elements, and some have achieved good development.

Long profit: P promotes the construction of a smart printing plant

Speaking of the construction of a smart factory, Longlid naturally must not mention. Since the establishment of the factory, from manual and simple mechanical equipment to mechanization and automation, to automation and intelligentization of the Anhui branch, and to the end of 2016, the intelligent printing plant invested and built in Shanghai—Shanghai Fengzhi Printing Technology Co., Ltd. Profit can be said to be a pioneer in smart packaging and printing companies. It is reported that Longlid will also copy the “smart factory” model to other branches in the next step. According to the specific conditions of different industrial cities, it will create different market patterns, move toward the most artificial provinces, continue to achieve the goal of least land use, and allow smart factories to spread throughout. Throughout China, advanced manufacturing has spread all over the world.

Zhongrong Printing: Introducing Intelligent Solutions

Zhongrong Printing, as a leader in the packaging and printing industry, has its intelligent implementation path dating back to 1996. Although the company did not have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of intelligence, it laid the foundation for promoting intelligent development. . Since the beginning of promoting the intelligent development strategy, Zhongrong Printing has successively carried out intelligent projects such as ERP upgrade, digital prepress and printing architecture construction, digital postpress and CRM (customer relationship management) system introduction, and achieved certain results. It is understood that Zhongrong Printing will regard the construction of automated warehouses, the introduction of SRM systems, and the construction of digital printing cloud platforms as the focus of the next phase, and will strive to build more sophisticated and intelligent printing plants.

Sunshine Printing Network: Internet Services + Smart Factory

Sunshine Printing Network provides intelligent systems for supply chain management. It can interface with suppliers' ERP systems to distribute orders more efficiently, reasonably, and intelligently, open up all links in the production information transmission process, and make production and order distribution systems And intelligent. It is reported that plans to work with partners on the platform to implement full-scale smart manufacturing within certain single-item businesses, provide both customers and suppliers with Internet SaaS services at both ends, fully open up the client and production end, and achieve The humanized production greatly improves the efficiency of the industry and allows the printing industry to increase its efficiency. As a result, it leads the 100,000 Chinese printing companies to embark on the road of intelligence and build a new ecosystem of “Internet services + smart factories”.

Lu Xin Tian Yi: Informatization and Intelligent Transformation

The Luxin Tianyi Printing Business, which is mainly engaged in the production of pharmaceutical paper color packaging boxes and manual printing processing business, attaches great importance to the information and intelligent transformation of enterprises, and has done a lot of work to promote the intelligentization process. The first is the standardization construction, which mainly includes the product process, production consumption, quality control and standardization of product operations. Secondly, on the basis of standardization and digitization, ERP is used to formulate guidelines for various workflows, and the workflow is automated. In addition, the company's requirements for the automation of newly introduced equipment are relatively high, laying the foundation for future intelligent transformation. The development and application of finished product packaging and warehouse logistics are still a few in the domestic packaging and printing industry. Lu Xin Tianyi's intelligent product packaging and logistics solutions for storage and logistics, with modern logistics automation equipment, advanced system design concepts and scientific implementation methods, will play a crucial role in improving production automation and intelligence!

In order to meet the needs of a large number of printing and packaging companies, industry suppliers are also providing suitable intelligent solutions for the market through continuous technological innovation and product development, and continue to work hard for the intelligent process of the industry.

Heidelberg: smart printing, service, cooperation

In recent years, great changes have taken place in the printing industry. Over-capacity, low-price competition, and profit diversification have been placed in front of us. How to maximize the efficiency of equipment and the economic efficiency of enterprises has become the king of sustainable development for enterprises. . Heidelberg has already achieved digitalization before printing, printing, and printing, and it not only owns industry-leading prepress, printing and postpress equipment, but also launches Prinect workflow management systems and other software for the industry. 360° intelligent service experience. The future printing industry will be an intelligent industry based on digital technology. Heidelberg will lead printing companies to a new era of digitalization and intelligent printing from three aspects: smart printing, intelligent services and smart cooperation.

Beiren Intelligence: Smart Printing Factory, Creating Value

The intelligent printing factory is based on the deep integration of printing processing technology with a new generation of information technology. It penetrates through the entire process of design, production, management, and service, and is characterized by self-decision, self-awareness and self-execution. It has improved production efficiency and product quality. Reduce the potential for operating costs, energy consumption and labor costs. As a leading manufacturer of printing equipment manufacturing in China, Beiren is transforming from a single equipment manufacturer to a provider and service provider of green smart total solutions, providing technology and products with a green, smart factor to its customers in the publishing and packaging industry. Focus on building smart printers for customers and create more value.

Konica Minolta: Actively promote digital transformation

With the rise of emerging technologies such as mobile internet, big data, internet of things, and cloud computing, as well as policy support for Internet+, China Manufacturing 2025, etc., the future survival and development of enterprises must respond to the “digital trend”. In order to promote digital transformation, in 2017, Konica Minolta boldly initiated the enterprise development strategy of transforming itself into a “digital integrated value-added service provider” and is committed to continuously researching and developing new technologies and transforming business models in order to provide users with new commercial value and help them achieve Differentiated development. In the future, Konica Minolta will actively promote the strategic transformation of digital transformation in order to create a multi-party value.

In the situation where the price of printing raw materials has increased sharply and the labor costs continue to rise, combined with the current supply side reforms, many printing companies are seeking information and intelligent solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and upgrade. Today, the intelligent construction of the printing industry has become the trend of the times. Are you still hesitating?

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