Playing With Oracle's Engraving Experience Engraving Printing Chinese Character Museum's Chinese Characters Exhibition

- May 16, 2018-

Playing with Oracle's Engraving Experience Engraving Printing Chinese Character Museum's "Chinese Characters" Exhibition

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Zodiac wood engraving printing, ancient poetry movable type printing, Oracle confrontation, Oracle bone archeological excavation and rubbing of India... From now on to June 18, these fun Chinese character experience activities will carry thousands of years of cultural accumulation. I met with the small audience at the Shanghai Children's Museum. The "Chinese Characters" tour jointly created by the Office of the Shanghai Language and Writing Committee and the Chinese Character Museum began today at the museum.

 In the course of thousands of years of historical development, the shape of Chinese characters has undergone great changes. In this exhibition, on the one hand, visitors were introduced to the visitors in the form of exhibition boards. They also introduced the history of the change of books, such as Oracle, Otaru, and Lishu. Through rich interactive activities, the characters in the ancient books lived and led the children into the “chasing”. This trip to the source, exploration of Chinese characters' fantasy trip. At the same time, the “Bone School for the Bones” opened by the Chinese Character Museum first came to Shanghai to carry out Chinese character education activities on holidays. Visitors can pay attention to the public micro-signature booking activities of the Shanghai Children's Museum.


The map says: The children are seriously listening to the history of the ancient texts

It is reported that this tour will also enter schools of Shanghai University of Foreign Studies, Shanghai Shanda College, Shanghai Administration School (Shanghai Everest Middle School), and the Fourth Affiliated Middle School of East China Normal University. Each school will introduce various special events in conjunction with the exhibition. For example, the Shanghai Foreign Studies University will also launch a series of events including the “Chinese Characters and Chinese Dreams” including the speech contest and the Chinese character dictation contest; Shanghai Sueda College will invite experts to “speak up” to hold the event. In related lectures, the traditional cultural experience day will be held, and international students from both universities will also actively participate in it; Shanghai Administrative School (Zhufeng Middle School in Shanghai) will invite students from all ethnic groups in Shanghai to participate in the event, bringing ethnic education and exhibition activities together. Echoing, while East China Normal University Sifuzhong will extend the extension period to September, will be combined with primary school graduation season, Summer Palace, new school entrance education to carry out a series of activities, radiation brother school and the surrounding community.

In recent years, the Shanghai Language Committee has successively launched themed activities such as “Calligraphy Famous Scholars Enter the Campus” and “Chinese Classical Reading Program” to guide the youth in Shencheng to carry forward the fine Chinese culture, enhance the cultural self-confidence, and enhance the humanities and artistic literacy and the ability to use the written language. .


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