EU Wines Will Mark Calories On Wine

- May 05, 2018-

EU wines will mark calories on wine


  March 12, Broussec held a press conference, the European Union Wine and Wine Industry Association (CEEV) said that the European Union wine, beer and spirits manufacturers will be on the product label to provide more information on the nutrition of wine, including calorie-labeled information, will use the symbol "E" to express "energy."


  Ceev, representing 23 national wine establishments, private wine companies, and the Swiss and Ukrainian wine associations, said the product labels should contain the calorie information of the wine in the form of "energy". Some companies have already been able to provide calorie information online, including Australia's Ben-rich parent (Treasury Wine Estates), the French group (Pernod Ricard), the British Diageo (Diageo) wine Company and the Australian fine wine Industry (


  Accolade Wines). According to the Ceev proposal released this week, the symbol "E" will be used to denote "energy".


  For example: Champagne sparkling wine e=301kj/72kcal (every 100ml), liqueur 20%abv:e=670kj/160kcal.


  British medical experts say the move is far from enough, particularly to allow wineries to use QR codes (one of two-dimensional barcodes that store richer information, including text, URL addresses and other types of data encryption) or similar ways to publish information on bottle labels. This new regulation on the labelling of alcoholic beverages will, in the end, allow manufacturers to advise consumers on the nutritional content and raw materials of the consumer, based on the type of product, in the form of non physical labels, such as mobile phones, social media, Web pages, etc.


  However, on the substance label of the product, the caloric indication value of each 100 ml drink shall be marked. Ceev that the ingredients defined as processing auxiliaries do not need to be publicly labeled, and currently the International Wine organization OIV is studying specific ingredients that can be defined as processing aids.

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