Paper Prices Will Continue To Run High, 2018 Is A Big Reshuffle Of The Year Printing Companies

- May 05, 2018-

Paper prices will continue to run high, 2018 is a big reshuffle of the year printing companies

   April 20, Zhejiang Paper Industry Association 2018 Annual Meeting in Ningbo, Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. held in accordance with the content of the meeting, Zhejiang province is now the paper industry current events and future development situation reports as follows, for printing enterprises to understand and reference. The paper industry is in the supply end of the printing and packaging industry chain, and its market trend directly determines the whole industry chain ecology. In the past two years, almost all the printing enterprises have experienced the baptism of paper shortage and the tide of price rise.

   There is no doubt that the development pattern of paper making industry is also the focus of the middle-midstream printing enterprises.

   April 20, Zhejiang Paper Industry Association 2018 Annual Meeting in Ningbo, Asia Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. held in accordance with the content of the meeting, Zhejiang province is now the paper industry current events and future development situation reports as follows, for printing enterprises to understand and reference.

   Zhejiang paper and paper products industry 2017 revenue and profit both increased 1.2017 years of paper making in Zhejiang province. The Conference effective data statistics show that the paper and paper products industry in Zhejiang Province completed 2017 years of industrial output value of 155.386 billion yuan, an increase of 22.26%.

   Which realize the main business income of 86.456 billion yuan, an increase of 2.534 billion yuan, the total tax revenue of 18.234 billion yuan, growth of 5.906 billion yuan, to achieve a profit of 10.094 billion yuan, an increase of 66.06%. 2. The price of the original paper has aroused wide social concern. Starting from 2016 years of the Four seasons, paper prices soared, refresh the historical highs, CCTV economic channel tracking reports, this is enough to prove that the paper industry as an important basis for the national economy, the impact of raw materials industry. Causes of the rise in paper prices, the first is the import of waste paper limited, paper fiber raw material prices rose sharply. and Zhejiang paper raw materials more than 80% from waste paper, imports of waste paper, some paper enterprises due to raw material rise issued a stop alarm; on the other hand, environmental law enforcement intensified.

   July 1, 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized a crackdown on imports of waste paper processing enterprises environmental violations of the special action and the Central Environmental Inspection Unit stationed in Zhejiang to carry out the rectification of paper enterprises. 3. Pay more attention to environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction. In the 2017, under the test of environmental protection storm, many paper making enterprises practiced the idea of green development, reduced waste water and exhaust gas, comprehensively utilized solid waste, actively invested funds for technical renovation and improved energy efficiency.

   At the end of 2017, Zhejiang province has completed a clean transformation of paper enterprises up to 125, accounting for more than half of the country.

   Paper prices will continue to run high, 2018 will be India's big shuffle of the year

   For the future situation of papermaking industry, the spirit of this meeting is as follows: 1. Environmental regulation is normalized. 2018 Environmental protection supervision of the normal, long-lasting is the inevitable trend of the provinces and cities will introduce special ecological environment Regulation action.

   Environmental protection standards of paper-making enterprises will continue to implement environmental checks, the inability to carry out environmental transformation of enterprises will be eliminated. 2. Paper raw materials and paper prices will not be a sharp correction in the future, still high running.

   The recent Sino-US trade frictions have led to tighter quotas on waste paper imports of waste paper and domestic waste paper prices continued to rise; on the other hand, the licensing of imported waste paper approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, concentrated in large enterprises, SMEs have not been approved. 3. The production and operation of Papermaking Enterprises will remain stable.

   After more than 2017 years of industry renovation, paper industry, environmental protection issues have been significantly improved, the overall image of the industry to improve, there will be no production, limiting the phenomenon, overall will be in a stable production and marketing.

   Throughout the development of papermaking industry, contemplation has far-reaching impact on the pattern of industrial chain, printing enterprises are facing great strategic adjustment and the test of the fittest. Whether it is paper price ups and downs or the increase of environmental management, from the printing market development angle Objectively speaking, exacerbated the printing industry differentiation. Some of the more strained small businesses, lose competitiveness, they will find in the process of raw material ups and downs without any advantage, and eventually forced to withdraw from the market, the original order to high-quality Enterprise transfer, and quality enterprises in fact obtained more opportunities for development, these enterprises business orders stable, more adequate funds, have the ability to carry out environmental transformation, Improve enterprise management and technology upgrades.

   In the past two years, we have also seen many excellent printing companies listed in succession, they also achieved better development through capital operation. In short, the market in the reverse force industry forward, the industry is changing, the enterprise is changing, is expected to 2018 is the printing Enterprise Big shuffle of the year.

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