2018 Packaging And Printing Industry Keywords (China)

- May 04, 2018-

2018 Packaging and Printing Industry Keywords

With the rapid development of China's national economy and the acceleration of urbanization, people's purchasing power and quality of life are continuously improving, which drives the sustained and rapid growth of China's consumer goods market and further drives the rapid development of China's packaging and printing industry.

According to the "China's Printing Industry Market Preview and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report for 2018-2023", there are 5,693 printing and recording media copying companies in 2017, 223 more than in 2016. At the same time, the enterprises above the designated size in the printing industry in China achieved a revenue of over 800 billion yuan in the main business. (Source: Forward-looking Industry Research Institute)


The [Size of main business income of printing industry in 2012-2017]

China's packaging and printing industry has shown rapid growth and the market demand is large. At the same time, with the increase in the price of packaging materials and other upstream industries, the cost of packaging has increased, and the profitability of the packaging industry has narrowed. In the new era of 2018, the packaging and printing industry is facing new opportunities for development.

2018 Packaging and Printing Industry Keywords:

Packaging integration

Manufactured from a single carton and transformed into an integrated packaging service provider to create a paper packaging ecosystem. Enterprises in the packaging and printing industry in China have long focused on the traditional business model of “production-transportation” of single products, and their comprehensive service capabilities have been weak. Packaging integration is the trend of the global packaging industry in the future, and as the global manufacturing industry continues to shift to China, higher and higher requirements are placed on the packaging integration and comprehensive service capabilities of the packaging industry in China. For enterprises that do not yet have packaging integration and comprehensive service capabilities, they will face greater pressures for transformation. Enterprises should focus on the expansion of business models, and can provide customers with a variety of product "design-production-logistics" packaging integrated services.

Green packaging

With the green of consumer psychology, green packaging and green printing have become an important development direction. The National Environment Department issued the "Notice on the Implementation of Green Printing" and successively issued a series of green printing-related standards in the printing industry, such as "Green Printing-Product Qualification Criteria", to promote green packaging and printing. Green printing has become an important theme for the development of the industry. Printing technology is required to be more environmentally friendly, and packaging consumables are environmentally friendly and economical. After the printed matter is discarded, it is easy to recycle and can be naturally degraded, thus achieving pollution-free and low-pollution packaging. Digital printing is a relatively environmentally friendly printing method. Up to now, the global digitalization rate has reached 30%. In China, this figure is only 3%. China's digital printing is still in its infancy.

High-end packaging

Supply-side reforms and consumption upgrades created opportunities for market concentration, and demand for medium-to-high-end packaging was gradually booming. Packaging is also in the direction of high-end consumerism. As an important carrier of consumer product brand image, packaging will gradually increase the demand for downstream consumer goods. It will use high-end packaging to enhance the brand image, so as to attract more core consumer groups and obtain high sales profits. In recent years, the demand for high-end consumer goods such as consumer electronics and cosmetics has been strong, and the demand for packaging paper is huge. At the same time, the demand for packaging paper for high-end goods has become more and more personalized. The overall packaging integration service for high-end customers has been gradually introduced, and the industry business model has been gradually transformed from manufacturing to service, so as to obtain higher added value.

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