Custom Print, Printify Receives $1 Million Seed Round Financing

- May 10, 2018-

Custom Print, Printify Receives $1 Million Seed Round Financing

One company Printify from Riga, Latvia, won a $1 million seed round of financing led by Google Adsense pioneer Gokul Rajaram. The startup will use the funds to expand its services in the United States and establish a team in Latvia.

According to the company, about 50,000 e-commerce companies currently use Printify's on-demand printing service. Like Lumi, which deals with packaging issues for "consumer-oriented" startups, Printify is working on eliminating most of the vendor's errands to create a seamless branding concept.

The company keeps customer billing information in files and connects to almost all e-commerce platforms' back-end ordering systems. When an order comes in, Printify starts processing the product via an API notification. The company then sends the printable file to the on-demand manufacturer, who can print the design and send the product within 24 hours.

Printify founder James Berdigans had made accessories for Apple products before he came up with this idea. “We want to print custom phone cases and we can easily find on-demand manufacturers,” said Berdigans. Thus, Printify was born.

The company initially integrated through Shopify and began to get started in November 2015. However, since the company does not own its own manufacturing plant, the issue of quality assurance has become a top priority.

In 2016, Berdigans turned to the market model, because he saw more and more small business owners like him, and their demand for high-quality printing plants is also increasing. Berdigans said that clothing printing and digital printing directly on T-shirts will grow rapidly in the next few years.

As a graduate of the 500 Startups Accelerator Program, the company has already made a profit and hopes to use new funding to expand its engineering team.

Co-founder Artis Kehris stated in a statement: "In just two years, Printify has profited and is growing rapidly. With this investment, we plan to double Riga's team in 2018. This will create at least 30 new jobs, most of which will be programming, design and customer support."

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