Classic Hardcover Books

Classic Hardcover Books

We are a professional hardcover books maker. there are hardcover binding machine in our factory. we hope to establish a direct business relationship with y, and do joyful business with y.

Product Details

classic hardcover books

Paper Type: artpaper

Surface Finish: Film Lamination

Binding: sewing hardcover binding

Size: as Per Customer′s Demand

MOQ: 1000

Transport Package: Standard Export Package

Origin: Shenzhen, China

Product Type: Book

Printing Type: Offset Printing

Book Cover: Hard Cover

Order Type: Custom, OEM

Color: 4c+ 4c + Pantone

Sample: Available

Trademark: OEM

Specification: Customized

We are a professional hardcover books maker. there are hardcover binding machine in our factory. we hope to establish a direct business relationship with y, and do joyful business with y.

Product Details:

Artwork Format

PDF, AI, CDR, JPG, indd, and the other design software artwork format


Art Paper, Craft Paper, Coated Paper, Glossy Paper, Bible paper, Matte Paper, Offset Paper, Fancy Paper, Newsprint Paper, Woodfree Paper, Grease proof Paper, Paperboard, Cardboard, Millboard, Corrugated Board, Duplex Board etc.


Cover:4C/4C Inner sheet:4C/4C etc.(Any color is available)


Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Flexo graphic Printing, Letterpress Printing, Gravure Printing, Transfer Printing etc.

Surface Handling

Embossing, Hot stamping, Vanishing, UV coating, Spot UV, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Film Lamination etc.


Perfect Binding, Sewing Binding, Wire Binding, Spiral Binding, Plastic Comb binding, Thread Stitching, Saddle Stitching, Folded Leaflet etc.

product name

bible stories for children book printing

Production Capacity

100000pcs per day



Delivery time: sample for 3-5 working days and order for 3-7 working days
About Our Service: free dummy samples before order
Advanced samples for quality confirmation before delivery
Good payment terms for long time business, We will do our best to meet you needs

Book binding and surface disposal

Printing quality management system certificate ISO9001:2008




Automatic laminating machine and UV machine.



Fully automatic Martini sewing machine. All hard cover books needs high quality sewing.


Heidelberg folding machine. Precise folding is the beginning of a good book after printing.


Universal treasure surface knife for precise book cutting and hard cover making machine.

And other book making machine, we offer 1 stop book production service.

Tips of printing:

Kodak Sonora XP Free-Sweeper Opens "Green Print Age"

In the face of the increasingly serious environmental protection situation, the environmental protection seems to have changed from Yangchun Baixue to something that is closely related to many people, and more and more people are paying attention to it. Then, environmental protection measures in various places have become more stringent, and the survival and development space of many industries has become more and more tight. The printing industry is naturally among them. The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued the "Notice on the Implementation of Green Printing of Ticket Tickets", clarifying that from 2014 onwards, all localities should guide the printing of ticket ticket printing enterprises to implement green printing. By the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, government procurement of tax invoices, financial bills and other ticket tickets will basically achieve green printing, while at the same time to guide and encourage other types of ticket tickets to gradually achieve green printing. The government departments have recognized the urgency of green printing, fully exerted the green printing policy orientation, guided the structural adjustment and transformation of the printing industry, and encouraged the printing industry to be environmentally friendly, energy-saving and sustainable.

When it comes to the printing industry, it seems easy to think of high consumption and high pollution. In the context of a top-down green environmental reform, the printing industry has to "think". Green printing was naturally put on the agenda. There are many printing-related links, which must be considered before, during, and after printing. The first step is to change the existing prepress process. For the plate making process, a green process is required, such as the use of a no-flush plate. Printing materials required for printing should consider various environmental factors, such as environmentally friendly soy inks, etc. in the selection of inks; secondly, energy saving and emission reduction in the production process; and printing and processing of printed products. Simply speaking, green printing refers to printing methods that use environmentally-friendly materials and processes, reduce pollution in the printing process, save resources and energy, and are easy to recycle and recycle after the printed materials are discarded, which can be naturally degraded and have little impact on the ecological environment. Printed materials should meet environmental protection requirements throughout the life cycle of raw material selection, production, use, and recycling. For Indian companies, environmental protection is now more than just a macro need, and more and more have become the hopes and requirements of customers for Indian companies. Customers have issued green initiatives and claims to produce prints in an environmentally sound manner. This means that if you want to retain customers, you must improve your production and management methods.

The Kodak Sonora XP Tengger Free-Free Plate was born in this context, completely eliminating the need for flushing equipment and chemicals. Eliminate all chemicals, water, equipment, electricity and waste associated with the rinsing or cleaning steps, eliminating the need for time-consuming re-metering, cleaning and maintenance of the plate or cleaning unit, saving pre-press time and benefiting the business It is good for the environment. When choosing a plate, there is no longer a trade-off between environmental protection and profit. This Kodak Sonora XP process-free plate removes the rinse and potion required for platemaking, but still delivers high quality, high throughput and high print performance. The plates eliminate the chemicals, water, energy and waste required for the platemaking process, and can also be used with recycled paper and paperboard, as well as non-alcoholic fountain solutions for true “green” printing.

For the free-form plate to have the performance of a mainstream plate, the first challenge was to develop a coating that could be removed on the press without contaminating the press. With the introduction of KODAK THERMAL DIRECT process-free plates, Kodak broke through this barrier, and now the plate has 1,500 users worldwide. Now, Kodak has developed a new type of coating that, under existing press conditions, can take away excess coating with just a few prints during startup, just like any other plate operation. The second challenge is to improve the coating to meet the needs of more printers for more applications. The coating of the SONORA XP plate of Tengger is excellent and overcomes all of the above problems. The printing speed of the plate is fast. In a direct plate-making machine equipped with Kodak square spot imaging technology, the laser energy required is only 150 mJ/cm2, so basically the printer can get the maximum capacity of the direct plate-making machine. The printing volume of the plate is also very good.

This completely flush-free printing plate is available worldwide and has entered the testing phase in Asia. The SONORA XP plate can meet two-thirds of the offset requirements, including sheetfed, thermoset rotation, commercial cold-set rotation, offset packaging and short-run UV printing. It is the first free-form plate that will revolutionize the printing industry. . Kodak also launched the Kodak Tengger SONORA NEWS process-free plate for newspaper printers. Together with a thickness of 0.40 mm and an ultra-large format, the Sonora XP Tengri free-free printing plate can be used for large-scale applications. The environmental benefits of a free-form plate are just the tip of the iceberg. The main advantage of the free-sweep plates is that they save the printer's cost. Enterprises will gain a double advantage: reduce operating costs and be more environmentally friendly.

*All the samples listed here are only for reference, not for sale.

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