Kodak Appoints New President Of Printing Systems Division

- May 12, 2018-

Kodak appoints new president of printing Systems Division

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Ohn O Grady has recently been appointed as the new president of the Eastman Kodak Printing Systems Division, which takes effect from April 24, 2018. Previously, John O Grady was president of the Kodak Consumer and Film division and served as the global sales manager for the printing system.

He replaced Brad Kruchten, who worked in Kodak for 36 years and now retires. Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke said: "Kruchten has been an important member of our company for many years, and I thank him for his great contribution and excellent results for Kodak." O Grady is ideal for leading the printing Systems division. His experience is incomparable.

Clarke will take over the consumer and film division as a temporary transition until the right person is found.

  During the transition period, he will work closely with O Grady. Speaking of his new job, O Grady said: "It is difficult to take over the leadership of Kruchten, but he has built an all-star team and I hope to work with them to continue to provide world-class commercial printing systems." With some new products in our product sequence, such as Sonora x plates and nexfinity electronic imaging presses, we will flourish globally.


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