HP Partners With Oath Inc. To Launch AR Advertising

- May 13, 2018-

HP Partners with Oath Inc. to Launch AR Advertising

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What are the dimensions of the folding?

HP partnered with Oath Inc. and its subsidiary, Yahoo, to use Augmented Reality (AR) to create new campaigns for its HP Instant Ink print program and HP Envy photo printer to demonstrate how Papercraft works with its products.

AR advertising was created by Oath's RYOT studio in cooperation with HP. The AR Experience uses the Yahoo Mail application, which allows users to select photos on their device and place them in printable frames.

Advertising is HP's tips and tricks for how families use Papercraft. The AR experience combines the mobile camera's video with a virtual model. Allow users to see the ad and then experience the product without leaving the app.

Mark Melling, head of Oath RYOT Studio UK, said: “We have been working hard to help brands deliver great experiences on mobile devices. Our new augmented reality format has proven to be a good example of using AR's powerful features to allow users to see with their own eyes. How to enhance home functions with advanced HP printers.This experience allows them to carry pictures stored on their mobile phones with them, try different styles of photo frames, and visit our dedicated Tumblr website to learn more about how to use paper crafts for home use. It is a great pleasure to use this technology to enhance HP's connection with customers."

For HP, Sprocket and AMP audio printers are all preliminary attempts. Technology is evolving and HP believes that many applications in the future family will generate new demand. Therefore, HP internally defines Sprocket and AMP audio printers as lifestyle lifestyle products. Changes in people’s lifestyle will certainly create new cross-border needs in the future.

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