Change The Ink For What? Who's The Test Again?

- May 14, 2018-

Change the ink for what? Who's the test again? 

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Printing production emphasizes stability and efficiency, as little as possible to make changes or not to make changes.

But the same will not keep up with the market demand and the pace of development of new technologies, resulting in a rut to be eliminated, ink selection and use is the same. General printing enterprises in the actual production, the replacement of ink brands or models are not frequent, but when the actual needs of enterprises to change ink, but often encounter a lot of resistance and trouble. So, when should we change ink? How to replace it? How to adjust after the replacement? What work should be done to better play the performance of ink?

This paper will do some research on the above problems.

Change the ink for what? When printing enterprises change ink, need to start with the internal management of enterprises, according to the actual production needs and the positioning of printing products, from the ink gamut, gloss, concentration, color saturation, curing/drying, wear resistance and environmental protection and other aspects to do the consideration, choose the most suitable ink, the right is the best,

  Not the most expensive or famous is the best choice.

  Printing Enterprises after a brand, model selection, choose the right to their own cost-effective ink, in the printing press to replace the ink in the process, what will be easy to appear?

  1. Ink Concentration change

  When the ink concentration increases, prepress printing ink preset data if not do the corresponding transfer, will lead to the school version of the color time lengthened, waste paper, and affect efficiency.

  2. Dot expansion rate slightly different

  When printing, the same ink key area of the field density to meet the requirements, the dot part or to become darker or lighter, there will be some differences, but can not add and subtract ink to adjust.

  3. A slightly different overprint rate

  The new ink overprint rate will result in a mixture of some color deviation, chasing color than the original difficulty.

  4. The ink emulsion performance is different

If the new offset printing ink water, emulsifying performance is different, need the captain to find the right ink balance point, small water ink more conducive to printing high-quality products.

  Of course, the new replacement of the ink may also have dry, wear resistance and other performance changes, can not be ignored.

  Change the Ink test management Comprehensive consideration of the ink in the use of the above characteristics of the change, the risk of changing the ink does not exist? The answer is certainly not, the risk is still there!

  and to reduce or avoid these risks, the test is the management level of the enterprise.

  1. Color Management The most important thing is to do a good job of color management, to redesign the ICC file. Do a test version to find the maximum printing contrast, according to the maximum printing contrast to calculate the most suitable field density. And then in accordance with the standard field density printing, read and write the expansion rate of each layer, through the prepress correction to do a printing plate compensation, so that the most standard printing network expansion. Offset printing press to adjust the water level carefully, find the right ink balance point.

  All this seemingly troublesome work, meticulous to do a good job, the enterprise will certainly get greater profits. Production management, quality management methods are many, many enterprises also know that the key lies in the implementation. Must break the inherent thinking, in the era of increasingly accelerated technology renewal, if still with stereotype, old thinking to operate, how to stand out?

  Although the change of ink is a small matter, but only dialectical to look at the problem, with the development of the eye to observe, to do such a small thing, can do a good job in the enterprise's fine management.

  2. Procurement positioning There are many properties of ink, color gamut, gloss, concentration, dryness, wear resistance, adhesion ..., which is what your business needs most, which is dispensable or even unnecessary?

  It's like buying a high car, how many of the features you buy that are almost unused? In recent years, the development of China's printing industry has been restricted by many factors, the production and operation of enterprises increasingly difficult. As can be seen from table 1, the total output value of China's printing industry in 2015 was slightly increased, but the growth rate slowed down, the profit declined, the number of enterprises is also decreasing, we often hear the news of business collapse, and the profit decline makes us feel busy for a year without earning money, and year by year In this situation, in the choice of printing supplies, we have no longer blindly follow the foreign brands, all kinds of printing materials exports are increasing year by day, while imports continue to decrease, national brands are growing stronger, more and more can feel the power of Chinese manufacturing.

  Ink is also so, see table 2, Domestic ink has occupied a place in the market, printing ink has more choice of space, but also has more profit adjustment space.

  Now the Ink Factory is also in the subdivision field to do the most suitable product categories for customers, such as pure vegetable oil inks, 0 VOCs inks, printing ink, packaging inks, High-gloss ink, super wear-resistant matte paper ink, high-end business custom inks ...

Would like more printing enterprises in the march to find their own positioning, choose the most suitable for their own, is the best.

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