Cold Winter Warm Current Beijing Daily Press Printing Industry Alliance Established In Beijing

- May 20, 2018-

"Cold Winter" Warm Current Beijing Daily Press Printing Industry Alliance established in Beijing

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Expert advice

Transformation must first be thought of

    In the transformation of newspaper printing companies, it is necessary to sort out the direction and goals after the transition, as well as the division of labor and personnel positioning around the goals and objectives. According to the new business, it is necessary to refine new cultural elements and form these cultural elements into behavioral constraints that can be landed. Through mechanisms and supervision, these behavioral constraints become habitual. The most important thing is to have a corresponding performance system to measure the behavioral effects, and to evaluate the performance of personnel through the stress system and the power system.

    ——General Manager of Shenzhen Tongren Yiyou Management Consulting Co., Ltd. He Ronghua

    On the afternoon of March 16, the Beijing Daily Press Printing Industry Alliance was established in Beijing. At the ceremony, more than 10 heads of printing and printing companies, including People's Daily Printing Company, Xinhua News Agency Printing Co., Ltd., and China Daily News Printing Company, all came to join the launch of Beijing Daily Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd., the sponsor of the alliance. What is expected of these heads of printing and printing enterprises is how the alliance can achieve internal information exchange and resource sharing through the establishment of a platform, which in turn will promote the transformation and upgrading of the newspaper printing industry. While building alliances to keep warm, exploring their own potential, revitalizing their resources, and realizing the development outside the printing industry are also some of the directions for newspaper printing companies.

    Forming alliances

    Build a platform for resource sharing

    After the restructuring of the enterprise, the printing of the Beijing Daily News faced a situation of in-depth market demand. In the course of nearly one year's exploration, the printing business of Beijing Daily finally established the development direction of five platforms: newspaper printing platform, commercial printing platform, trading platform, printing industry + Internet platform and cultural and creative platform.

    According to Cui Tenglian, general manager of the Beijing Daily, said that after the company was established in May 2015, it had always wanted to build a commercial printing platform. However, if it invests funds, equipment, and manpower alone to develop a commercial printing business, the prospects may not be promising. Therefore, the Beijing Daily News and four high-quality commercial printing companies in Beijing and neighboring countries cooperate in the form of alliances. "The alliance will adopt four major service systems for production services, brand services, business services and marketing services to build a service supporting platform for members," said Cui Tenglian.

    On the day of the establishment of the alliance, the three parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Beijing Daily Printing Service, Shenzhen Yinma Technology Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Tongren Yiyou Management Consultants Co., Ltd. This is not only the landing of the alliance service platform, but also means the expansion of Beijing Daily's printing services in the trade platform, printing industry + Internet platform.

    Multiple exploration

    Focus on the core advantage

    In the face of the ever-declining printing situation, the newspapers and enterprises in the country are exploring non-printing areas in various forms.

    The measures adopted by Shenzhen Press Group Printing Co., Ltd. are similar to those of the Beijing Daily News. “Because the equipment and its own conditions are restricted, we make full use of the advantages of traditional brands, establish strategic partnerships with some powerful and influential companies in the society, and carry out various prepress designs, publications printing, and advertising and advertising products. The company's deputy general manager Liu Xiaoming told the "China Press, Publication, Radio, and Telegraph" reporter that the company not only extended its services to government agencies and institutions, but also set up an online publishing department to use the market's appeal to gather social and personalized services. Work with partners to meet the needs of individual consumers. In terms of diversified businesses, Shenzhen Newspaper Printing has made a profit.

    Faced with the current situation of declining newspaper output, Kim Jong-yun, general manager of Hubei Chutian Media Printing Co., Ltd., sincerely felt the profound connotation of “too long for 10,000 years, just in time”. He told reporters that it is of utmost importance to reshape the corporate culture and promote the transformation of the ideology of employees. To this end, Chutian Printing took a series of measures: in-depth frontline research, preaching the concept of the market; creating internal newspapers and showcases, popularizing modern enterprise knowledge, and fostering market awareness; establishing the Chutian Printing Salon, conducting business exchanges on a regular basis; organizing training, Cultivate market-oriented talents. While changing ideological concepts, Chutian Printing also carefully selected the direction of diversified development: independent research and development of digital printing management information platform to promote the transition from printing to creative services; constantly adapting to market demands, opening up logistics and transportation, warehouse management, plant rental, etc. New business, implementation of diversified development; timely transformation of marketing strategies, and gradually adjust the product structure, and vigorously develop high value-added services, such as the establishment of digital companies to develop digital printing, and packaging companies to develop packaging printing.

    Tap potential

    Close contact with the service object

    “The idea of forming a coalition is very good, so that we can build a platform for printing companies and suppliers to exchange ideas and strengthen effective cooperation.” While praising the development of the coalition, Ma Kaiwu, director of the office of the Printing Association of China’s Press Association, also pointed out that In order to explore the non-printing field, it is necessary for the printing companies to take inventory of their resources and rely on the media organizations that originally provided them to expand.

    With the transformation of the strategy, the Xinhua News Agency Co., Ltd. has achieved a contrarian growth in the past five years, and its average annual output value profits have seen double-digit growth. According to Wu Guoqing, chairman and general manager of the company, this can not be separated from the strong support of the party group of the Xinhua News Agency for the company. In recent years, the Xinhua News Agency has integrated the printing resources of the entire society, and the Printing and Marketing Company has not only increased the service of the newspapers and periodicals of the society, but also is responsible for the management of the news and paper of the newspapers and periodicals of the society. This has brought growth to the printing company. At the same time, Xinhua News Agency Co., Ltd. also accelerated the pace of going to the market and actively connected to the market. “We took advantage of the confidentiality printing industry and undertook the printing business of the confidential units in the society and achieved good results. This has played a big role in expanding our market,” said Wu Guoqing. In the future, the development of new economic growth points such as the logistics industry and the Xinhua News Agency will also be the focus of the printing companies.

    For the cultural and creative platform where the Beijing Daily News has not yet decided its direction, Cui Tenglian hopes that he will not rigidly adhere to the cultural and creative products in the printing field, and rely on current experience and resources to develop large cultural and industrial services such as industrial tourism. Zhang Yabin, deputy director of the Beijing Daily, said that the development direction of the printing company's cultural and creative development is in line with the development direction of Beijing News Group and Beijing Daily. At present, the newspaper company is also changing its over-reliance on advertising and is actively experimenting with new media. In the future, in some cultural projects, it is possible to explore ways for newspaper companies to cooperate with printing companies.


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