30 Companies Group Press Printing Industry Alliance

- May 20, 2018-

30 companies group press printing industry alliance

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    (Reporter Li Mingyuan) In the afternoon of March 16, the Beijing Daily Press Printing Industry Alliance was established in Beijing. More than 70 units including People's Daily Printing Company, Xinhua News Agency Printing Co., Ltd., and China Daily Printing Company participated in the ceremony. The leaders of China Press Association and Beijing Printing Association congratulated. The alliance was initiated by Beijing Daily Printing Co., Ltd. and there are currently more than 30 printing companies and consumables companies. The aim of the alliance is to build a service matching platform to achieve internal information exchange and resource sharing among alliance members so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the news printing industry under the new situation.

    Zhang Yabin, deputy director of Beijing Daily, said that under the pressure of the downturn in the national economy, the printing industry has encountered difficulties. The establishment of the alliance facilitates communication and exchange between the press and printing industry, and also facilitates joint discussion of industry issues and advances the development of the industry. According to Cui Tenglian, general manager of Beijing Daily Printing Co., Ltd., the alliance will provide four tangible service systems for production services, brand services, business services, and marketing services to provide tangible platform services for affiliates.

    At the ceremony, Beijing Daily Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yinma Technology Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Tongren Yiyou Management Consultants Co., Ltd. signed a three-party strategic cooperation agreement. Yincat.com will provide a network platform for self-operated products for its members, and a team of experts and experts will provide guidance to its members on corporate management and human resources construction. This marks the landing of the service platform of the Beijing Daily Press Printing Industry Alliance. After the inauguration ceremony, the participants listened to the case analysis and enterprise diagnosis brought by He Ronghua, the general manager of Tongren Yiyou, centering on the theme of “transformation, integration and development of printing companies”.

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