Avery Dennison Launches New High-speed Coating Line In Kunshan

- May 09, 2018-

Avery Dennison launches new high-speed coating line in Kunshan

On May 2, 2018, Avery Dennison, a leading global manufacturer of materials science and labels and functional materials, held a grand launch event for its new high-speed glue and hot melt line.

The new high-speed coating line is located at Avery Dennison's production campus in Kunshan. After 18 months of construction and assembly, it began operations in November 2017. The investment includes a 14,000 square meter plant expansion and is equipped with a dedicated warehouse and cutting workshop. The production line incorporates Avery Dennison's most advanced processing technology, which combines the functions of water glue and hot melt adhesive coating. With its proximity to Shanghai, its production will further enhance Avery Dennison's capacity and customers in China. Service capabilities.

Georges Gravanis, president of Avery Dennison Label & Marking Materials, said: "The commissioning of high-speed coating lines is another important milestone in the history of China's development. It also confirms our long-term commitment to the Chinese market. It will greatly promote us. Continue to provide quality products and services to local Chinese customers. Avery Dennison will not only continue to lead and promote the sustainable development of China's self-adhesive label industry, but will also practice sustainable business and continue to implement Avery Dennison' The 2025 Sustainability Goal "goes ahead."

The Kunshan Plant was the first factory set up by Avery Dennison in China in 1994. With the continuous development of Avery Dennison in the Chinese market, after years of investment and production capacity upgrades, the plant currently has a number of production lines with solvent, water glue, and hot melt coating capabilities, and obtained ISO 9000, ISO14000, RoHS, FSC and OSAS certifications.

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