A Happy Tear Carton Was Born For A New Retail

- May 09, 2018-

A "Happy tear" carton was born for a new retail

At the Yunqi Conference in October 2016, Ma Yunzhen, who called for the rain, appealed to the new retail era. The packaging of goods as the largest entrance for sales and traffic, the new retail of RMB 30 trillion has brought trillions of business opportunities to the packaging industry, and various princes have been involved in the incident. A Central Plains deer around innovative packaging began to stage. All of a sudden, all kinds of new packaging you sing stop me on stage, showing a flourishing scene of flourishing. From tears that have become famous one by one, to three tears, a deduction, E pull boxes, and then to the sewing box, it is not worth mentioning.

The Jiangsu Xinlexin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., which has launched three times of tearing cartons and can tear and pull PE courier bags, has once again adopted a new level of packaging design. It is endowed with a variety of stunning tear-open boxes, without the need for any tools, allowing an ordinary logistics box to change into a window box or display tray in seconds.

"Happy Tear" carton as a happy package 2018 heavy innovation design, not only perfectly solved the congenital defects of the traditional "retail easy" packaging, but also opened up a huge imagination for the value-added services of new retail packaging, its advent It will certainly have a profound impact on the future of new retail packaging.

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