2018 Trends In Global Pharmaceutical Packaging

- Apr 18, 2018-

2018 Trends in Global Pharmaceutical Packaging

2018 is about to enter the month of May. The trend of global pharmaceutical packaging will summarize the following 8 points for you.


1. The use of blister packs continues to grow

Blister packs have always been at the forefront of the battle for accurate doses. When taking blister-packed medicines, patients can better grasp the amount of medicines taken (the daily dose and the cycle time are clearly printed on the reverse side of the package). The blister package has a good sealing property and has the practicability of protecting the medicine, and the packaging process of putting a fixed-shape product into a cavity and covering it with a film material can be customized according to the product design. These advantages make blister packaging the second best-selling packaging for global pharmaceutical products.


2. Pay more attention to children's protective packaging

According to data from the European Child Safety Alliance, in Europe, the number of children under the age of 14 due to acute exposure to pharmaceutical products reaches 3,000 per year. The pharmaceutical regulatory authorities continue to pressure manufacturers to take measures to reduce such poisoning incidents. Many manufacturers place their hopes on innovative packaging and are committed to developing more protective packaging for children, such as opaque materials to make blister materials so that children cannot see the candy-like tablets inside.


3. The highest demand for plastic bottles

Another continuously growing packaging in pharmaceutical packaging is plastic bottles. With the stagnation of the demand for glass bottles in the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for plastic bottles continues to climb and is now the most popular pharmaceutical packaging in the world. It is estimated that by 2020, the global sales volume of plastic medicine bottles will reach 20.6 billion US dollars.

4. Pouch packaging is out of date?

The “survival” of pouch packaging in the pharmaceutical industry depends on how innovative it is, such as the new “pouch” that Bimarsh Medical Packaging developed together with Presto as a secondary packaging. This kind of pouch is mainly used for pull-proof sealing with child protection function. The use of a multi-layered composite structure is a powerful barrier to protect drugs from oxygen and moisture. This level of security allows manufacturers to use lower-cost non-barrier blister packaging materials when selecting primary packaging materials.

5. Increase in the use of prefilled syringes

Transparent market research predicts that by the end of 2019, the output value of the pre-filled syringe market will reach US$4.98 billion. The main driving factors are the sustained and steady growth of the injectable drug market, and the many unsafe factors in the medication process caused by prefilled syringes that can be avoided by the vials and syringes. More and more medical practitioners prefer to use pre-filled syringes.

6. Shelf influence and environmental protection have become more important

The over-the-counter drug market is becoming saturated and the competition between brands is fierce. How product packaging attracts consumers' attention on pharmacy shelves, for manufacturers, the ultimate goal of packaging becomes how to obtain the maximum influence of pharmacy shelves with the least amount of material. In particular, consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection. Manufacturers are more actively seeking to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities. Packaging materials are important, but in order to win the packaging, you must balance the visual, practical, and material quality in your design.

7. Packaging design is patient first

With packaging design to break through the OTC market competition, major brands are working hard to reform packaging and bring more convenient ways to manage drugs to consumers. Examples abound, such as Strepsils replacing its traditional blister packs with plastic tubes; ibuprofen's traditional gel series introduces sprays that facilitate rapid absorption. In modern society, people's time is very urgent, and it is crucial to put the convenience in place. It is even important to give people a convenient look and feel.

8. Packaging focuses on consumer participation

The tag on the packaging is a unique and highly targeted channel for brand owners to interact with consumers. Manufacturers can now share vast amounts of information through the two-dimensional code assigned to the packaging. Consumers can choose to use smart phones to scan these two-dimensional codes to get information such as dosage and storage instructions.


In 2018, the requirement for labeling on pharmaceutical packaging remains the focus that companies need to focus on.

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