China's Domestic Personalized Rapid Printing Industry Market Trillion Level Is Not A Dream

- Apr 02, 2018-

Personalized custom products first appeared in the fast printing industry in the form of personalized prints in 2000. At that time, most of the operators entering the fast printing industry were adventurous and innovative. Companies that have invested a lot of energy and financial resources in the personalized market since 2000 have been the most representative ones. Netease's Impressionist, Blessed, Tiger Color, and the United States, India and other companies have firmly promoted the development of personalized markets. Most of the previous companies have fallen on the way forward. There is no real company that is currently out of the limelight. The trillion-dollar market does not exist. There are doubts in the market.

Fast Printing Industry Market Status

Why personal products are not popular, the main reason is that consumers do not develop spending habits, there is no effective way to release potential consumer demand: market survey results show that almost every respondent expressed that they like personalized products, most people also I thought of doing such products, but in the end I had less than 7% of consumer behavior. Why is the potential demand not released? Obviously there is a problem with the supply. The old service system is like a photo studio and photo studio is tedious and backward. The service approach has greatly suppressed consumer behavior. The cultivation of e-commerce shopping habits represented by Taobao has played an active role in the development of personalized and customized markets, but the complexity of operations and dependence on computers are destined to play a limited role in promoting the market, and these are all to a large extent. Inhibiting the production of consumer behavior, it is naturally difficult to develop daily consumption habits.

Opportunity is once again given to the fast printing industry

Personalized and customized products have always been one of the businesses that can bring breakthroughs and hopes for the company of the fast printing industry. It is just too long for everyone to wait. Today's fast printing shops have a good layout in each city's CBD, and the store environment is becoming more and more standardized, but the ceiling of single-store sales has been difficult to make major breakthroughs over the years, which is also the heart of most fast printing people. one. The industry is in urgent need of upgrading. Just like the upgrading of shopping malls, it will use its own advantages to increase service content, gather popularity, and break sales ceilings.

With the breakthrough of mobile terminal technology and the rapid upgrade of personal consumption, the basic elements of the personalized customized market are becoming mature, the number of manufacturers providing personalized products is rapidly rising, and some famous brands have also launched personalized customization services, and the production speed and quality are also gradually Reached the requirements of mass production products, the personalized and customized technology and system of the United States, India, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits and rabbits have been opened and marketized, making the threshold of individualized and customized products to be minimized, and each quick printing shop can be within 10 minutes. Build up a personalized sales platform and share the technology, products and operating experience of the U.S.-Indian rabbit. The appearance of such innovative mobile terminal personalization and customization platform is accompanied by more and more fast printing shops. The growth of consumer spending habits will change from quantitative to qualitative. The faster the multi-market development, the bigger the cake for the personalized customized product market.

Personalized customized product market trillion level is not a dream

Personalized products have been developed from the original photo books, desk calendars and other single paper personalized prints to consumer products such as mobile phone shells, T-shirts, pillows, purses, and cups, and more and more products can be developed. The addition of individual elements allows the product not only to have value in use, but also to be more emotional and to preserve the commemorative value. At present, the trillion-dollar gift market is also being upgraded to the personalized gift market. The gift market has always been aimed at corporate users. When the gifts provided can be customized by individuals, the gift attributes it represents will be infinitely enlarged. The gift market for fast printing industry services is mainly for corporate customers, and huge market potential is urgently needed for release. Under the environment and background, the potential is unlimited.

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