2018 Printing Industry: Increase In Adjustment And Integration Is Still The Main Melody

- May 27, 2018-

2018 Printing Industry: Increase in Adjustment and Integration Is Still the Main Melody

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Slowing down and stabilizing and maintaining stability are the basic judgments of the Central Economic Work Conference on the macroeconomic situation. Stabilizing and improving progress is the overall tone of the work. The printing industry in 2018 will naturally operate under this framework. The work of supply-side reform is bound to continue, and as package printing is listed as a pilot industry to collect volatile organic pollutants, the integration will be further strengthened. Based on this, the author believes that adjustment and integration are still the main theme of the printing industry in 2018.

The reason for saying “still” is that since the outbreak of the global economic crisis in 2008, the printing industry has always been in adjustment and integration, and the number of companies and the number of employees has been declining; print publications and packaging printing are in print The proportion has risen and fallen; environmental protection, the "Sword of Damocles" continues to be hung, or governance, or relocation, or withdrawal, companies must make their own choices; production processes have changed, the relative environmental protection of the flexo With strong digital printing, Toppan Printing declined; taking the road of “green, digitized, intelligent, and converged” became the consensus of the industry. Some companies have taken delighted steps in machine generation and intelligent production. ... These conditions will continue in 2018.

Increased proportion of packaging and printing market

Statistics show that in recent years, the number of printing companies has indeed decreased, from 105,000 in 2014 to 101,000 in 2016, and it has decreased by 4 percentage points in two years. The overall intensity is not yet great. In accordance with the law of market development, it is imperative to continue to eliminate some companies that are out of production capacity or that are difficult to meet environmental standards and achieve a new round of supply-demand balance.

Among them, the output value of the publications may continue to decline. Because the largest circulation of newspapers in this business did not stop falling as expected, and the print volume of the books increased slightly, the fact that the publishing industry is facing more serious inventory may also restrict its development. .

There is room for packaging printing to continue to rise. With the success of a group of personalized label pioneers such as Coca-Cola, Oreo, and Jiang Xiaobai, it is expected that the number of personalized labels in the new year will increase. From this perspective, it is very important for printing companies to provide the label use unit with an overall plan that can actually help the product to increase its market influence and promote sales. The business is not entirely derived from the production capacity and quality, but comes from marketing planning. Completing this short board as soon as possible is an important issue for many printing companies.

Digital printing process has grown

Digital printing with on-demand, real-time and variable qualities will continue to build on the existing basis. However, this is a gradual process. It is still far from the market players who are like offset printing and gravure printing. The personalized market needs to be nurtured. Digital printing equipment is still in the process of continuous improvement. The business model that adapts to individual needs needs to be explored in practice. When these problems are basically solved, digital printing may usher in an outbreak.

In 2016, Drupa Printing Exhibition, which is known as “the development trend of the printing industry,” can be regarded as the catalyst for this round of digital printing. Nearly all traditional printing equipment manufacturers are involved in this field, which may be the next step in the development of the printing industry. . In 2017, more traditional printing companies sent personnel to attend digital printing professional conferences to understand the current status of digital printing development. More manufacturers are now entering the digital printing equipment, consumables R&D and production areas.

Judging from the actual situation, apart from the rise of e-invoices and the acceptance of electronic documents used in construction plans, the two fields that used the digital printing process have experienced a decline in business. Other areas are still in a rising period. There is only a rapid increase. SLOW. For example, the increase in the area of commercial printing is not obvious. In the field of building decoration, textile printing and label printing, it has developed rapidly. Some of them are because new processes can better meet changing market demands, and some are due to environmental protection factors, while others have Digest the affordability of relatively high production costs. The application of digital printing in more fields and more materials will continue in 2018.

Increased adjustment and integration

Adjustment and integration will be the main theme of the printing industry in 2018, but the two are very different. Adjustment generally refers to the internal of the enterprise, and integration refers to the enterprise. From this perspective, the adjustment will inevitably be greater than the integration because it involves every enterprise. Only by following the trend can there be room for the development of the enterprise. Otherwise, it is difficult to achieve the desired result only from the perspective of imagination and concepts.

The internal adjustment of the company involves a wide range, including market positioning, business development direction, production process and so on. Difficult to maintain, choose to withdraw or be acquired by others is also a kind of adjustment. Individual companies with abundant funds have already taken steps in machine development, linking the Internet of things, etc. For SMEs, they should carefully conduct cost comparison according to their own strengths. Make timely and appropriate choices to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

In 2018, the consolidation of the printing market will also increase. There are ways to choose M&As to expand their own production capacity, and more often to rely on platforms to leverage their overall advantages on their own. But no matter what kind of method, the workload of the later digestion and integration of business ideas is very large, and this step cannot be completed. The integration work cannot be completed.

As an indispensable part of society, we should seize the opportunity to complete the adjustment and integration of enterprises, and take a more active attitude to contribute to the progress of society.

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