New Flexo Technology Brings A Superior Solution For Narrow-width Labels

- May 27, 2018-

New flexo technology brings a superior solution for narrow-width labels

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Since its introduction, Sun Machinery's STF-340 flexo printing press has continuously developed new technologies to meet customers' special production needs. The STF-340 flexographic printing press that participated in the 2018 South China Printing Exhibition was positioned in the narrow-width label area and used a shaftless servo drive structure for printing materials with a thickness ranging from 20 microns to 400 microns. The device is 13 inches (330.2 mm) wide and has a maximum paper feed width of 340 mm. If the device is equipped with an upgrade kit, the maximum paper width can be expanded to 460 mm, and the print repeat circumference can extend from 5.5 inches (139.7 mm) to 26 inches. (660 mm). Large cylinder design can optimize the effect of dot restoration. The cavity water circulation can stably and uniformly control the temperature of the substrate, making ultra-thin film printing possible. The large-diameter anilox roller features a lightweight hollow structure that provides excellent ink transfer and is easy to install and clean.


The flexo unit of the Sun STF-340 adopts a dual-servo drive structure for each color group. The drive of the stencil is from the anilox roller, so that the change in the thickness of the printing material does not affect the meshing gap of the drive. No matter the printing material is thick paper or thin paper. , printing performance does not change. The inverting device is a horizontal air cushion type underneath, which can effectively avoid the problem that the positional relationship between the front and back caused by cold stamping and screen printing is difficult to adjust freely; it can avoid the vertical reverse of the left and right movement caused by the paper falling under the influence of gravity. And paper snakes phenomenon; can move between any color group; with the floating roller can complete the two-color group adhesive surface printing. Can be online cold stamping, screen printing process, can be achieved by the device guide any color group to move, but also according to the actual needs of customers increase or decrease the number of devices or adjust the position before and after. For example, customers can mix offset color groups between color groups to achieve special processes such as micro-texturing that may be required for anti-counterfeit labels; post-processing die-cutting units in boarding passes, chips, signage, and other products can be increased. Craftsmanship; can be added to various types of tickets, coupons, and other products after the printing of mechanical number printing and other processes; can be in the upper part of the printing press platform on-line digital printing system, so that traditional printing and digital printing is truly flexible Common rails are no longer plagued by color sequences. This is also the process that some anti-counterfeiting labels require...

To a certain extent, the STF-340 flexographic printing press is actually a process-co-dissolving platform. It is the intention of the Sun Microsystems with more than 50 sets of printing press manufacturing experience to become a platform to help customers achieve product value. All people from all walks of life are welcome to visit Booth 6501 to stop.

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