Will The Future Of The Digital Fast Printing Shop Become An Unmanned Retail Store?

- May 05, 2018-

Will the future of the digital fast printing shop become an unmanned retail store?

  is the digital fast printing shop a printing or print retail store? Whether it is a new retail or retail innovation or a retail revolution, whatever the name, retailing is experiencing the brunt of the changing times. September 27 Suning announced: its first commercial unmanned shop trial operation ended, and said that in the double 11 before and after the country will expand to 20 first-tier cities. Suning unmanned store of goods are used RFID tag, guests can scan two-dimensional code to obtain more Suning easy to purchase the product information provided by the website. Users in the purchase of goods, face recognition technology can identify customer identity, and through large data for customers to recommend goods. Suning's sports Biu, Ali's Amoy coffee and colorful fruit are unmanned shops, not only in the domestic many retail industry began to test unmanned shops, in fact, the same trend abroad. Amazon in the previous time to try to operate the Amazon go Fresh supermarket, do not have to queue, take the goods to leave, do not have to pay, it seems not to buy, take the walk. Amazon's checkout-free shopping experience uses the same types of technology as driverless cars: computer vision, sensors and deep learning, according to Amazon's website. Just Walk Our technology can automatically monitor goods from the shelves to take off or put back, and in the virtual shopping cart tracking. When the consumer finishes shopping, leave the store directly.

  Amazon will then check with the user via Amazon account and provide invoices. French Carrefour has 11,000 large supermarkets in more than 30 countries, and the US target has 1330 stores, and two large stores have begun deploying artificial intelligence cameras and electronic tags in some stores, collecting customers ' behavior in stores and recording purchases. Through some algorithm to find suitable for the current shopping guests of the promotion plan and sent to him.

  Sales have increased by 600% after Carrefour claimed to have tested electronic tags in 28 stores. Ali's Amoy Coffee and Amazon's go are experimental grocery stores, to enter the store before the identification, the guests do not need to take a mobile phone scan commodity two-dimensional code, directly from the shelves to pick up merchandise, put into their shopping bags, or put back to the shelves, unmanned stores in every corner of the camera, Record everything you do in the store. Backstage computer vision system and artificial intelligence, lock your footprints in the shop, not only do you associate your identity with the actions you take from the shelves to the basket, but you also take the body movements and expressions that you put down to determine how much you like the item and record it in your file.

  When you walk out of the store without having to go through the checkout, the system automatically buckles money from Alipay or Amazon to pay for the goods you take away in the store. Alibaba and Amazon technology can accurately identify who you are through biometrics, you can capture your footprints and behavior in the store, and finally use the Internet of things to pay for the guests to create a sense of shopping experience. By collecting the information, the retailer not only collects the customers ' shopping habits and patterns, can also provide targeted marketing programs, can also be used to improve the location of various goods on the shelves, such as seasonal goods in the season should be placed in a clear position; Several customers often buy goods together, should be placed on the same shelf ...

  In time, large data accumulated enough material, can predict the purchase opportunity of the store's goods, effectively manage inventory, play the retail store unit area of economic benefits, this is the purpose of the retail industry innovation. There are a number of good cases to address the economic benefits of retail outlets per unit area: Otto, a German electric business enterprise, uses artificial intelligence to analyze commodity transaction data, predict when customers tend to buy goods, and 30-day best-selling products predict accuracy of up to 90%, thus reducing inventory by 20%. A European retailer used computer algorithms to predict sales of fruits and vegetables, with a 2% increase in pre-tax earnings. A British retailer, using computers to analyze its own business data and cut 20% of its stores, still retains the economic benefits of its original size. Retailing has a tendency to predict the sale of goods, to get more selling goods, to maximize sales and minimize inventory.

  The future of retail stores, no data will have no analytical ability, every square metre of turnover will inevitably regress. As far as these analytical techniques are concerned with advances in artificial intelligence, however, artificial intelligence is inseparable from the accumulation of data in the retail industry itself. The fact that there are no shop assistants in retail outlets is not important at all, and is not necessarily linked to the so-called new retail or retail revolution.

  Store digitization is the direction of the retail industry transformation, is more accurate statement.

If the digital fast printing shop is a printing plant, must be with the data capacity of the store cooperation, if the role of the store, you should save the accumulation of their own data, have the opportunity and data capabilities of the platform to cooperate.

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