Popular South China Printing Show Makes People See The Spring Of Industry Development

- May 05, 2018-

Popular South China Printing Show makes people see the spring of industry development

The South China Printing Exhibition organized by Reed Exhibitions was held in Dongguan in mid-April. Its popularity was far more than that of similar exhibitions that had already been held in Shanghai in late March. From time to time, new products can be seen from time to time. The facts show that the printing industry, which is advancing with the times, will be able to stand up to all kinds of pressures such as rising paper prices, aiming at providing consumers with satisfactory services and ushering in a brighter future.

Big-name debut to soar

Corrugated, color boxes, flexo, labels, containers, etc. were joined by five exhibitions. In addition, a number of listed companies including Tianjin Changrong, Lake Beijing Mountain, Meiying Sen, and Oruijin printed on the stage. At various exhibitions and conferences, it is difficult to imagine that the three-day exhibition until the dismantling of visitors is still active, unable to stop, which also reflects the charm of this exhibition.

The biggest benefit of the five exhibitions is to help visitors understand more information and provide more choice opportunities. Companies that did not pay attention to flexographic printing in order to ease the pressure of environmental protection, through the exhibition can understand the status of flexographic printing and product quality, and become a direction for thinking in the process of transformation. The joint exhibition of equipment and printed materials can also enable printing companies to find their own useless areas and help more objects to understand the dramatic changes that have occurred in upgrading and printing products.

New product appearance brings beautiful prospects

It should be said that the exhibition shows a wide range of equipment, there are also many new products worth paying attention to, as long as you have needs, you can make the most appropriate choice through the comparison of different products. In terms of the wide range of die-cutting machines used in packaging and printing production, there are both imported Bobst and domestic leader Tianjin Evergreen. There are many other brands to choose from. The key is to meet the actual needs of the products processed by themselves. Anastomosis. The palletizing robot and automatic logistics docking system, which heralded the future development direction, can also be seen at the exhibition.

Today, domestic equipment manufacturers have the ability to develop products based on market demand. The professional die-cutting machine that synchronously finishes the hot embossing during bronzing, and the automatic clicking machine that completes the glue coating in the finished carton have met some needs in the production process, and effectively improved the product quality and production speed.

A large number of forums and lectures that are complementary to the exhibition have become the focus of information. The first Cultural and Creative Forum and Flexo Forum were all enthusiastic and full of achievements. At the container exhibition, a black science and technology club and military-civilian integrated logistics and packaging exhibition were launched. This fully shows that the exhibition itself is also constantly improving and refreshing.

New materials emerge to bring more opportunities for new products

The new materials and creative designs bring more power than common products. The new food packaging and processed special fabric papers on display at this exhibition are fascinating, and they feel that as long as they are used properly, they will create a new climate.

Bingxin Packing is a company that Master Kong specializes in manufacturing food packaging boxes. The mini food supermarkets built in the booths are packed with various kinds of packing boxes made by their own companies. This not only facilitates the setup of retail store staff, but also greatly It's amazing how easy it is for customers to shop. As long as the price is reasonable, we believe that the market space for these boxes will be large.

Woven paper is a new material exhibited by a textile company in Dongguan. Special paper woven from paper is dyed to have a distinctive, bumpy texture and is dyed with a variety of colors. A bag made of this special paper is placed on the booth. The bag gives people a new feeling. In fact, if you make a photo album or a gift box with this textured paper, it will give consumers a sense of freshness.

Innovation is difficult, because innovation requires new things, but innovation is sometimes not very difficult, because many innovations occur in the moment of designer inspiration, and the use of a new material may bring a new world for production companies. .

Digital printing heralds the future of printing

Digital printing after the 2016 drupa printing exhibition ushered in the spring of development, but the status quo is that on the one hand, companies have the enthusiasm to enter this new area, but they also have difficulties in earning money. High, overly-updated pressure, and innovative business models to meet the practical process of bringing together large numbers of scattered orders to organize mass production.

He met the chairman of Zhejiang Forest Printing Co., Ltd. at the booth set up by Hewlett-Packard Co., and he was confident in the prospect of using digital printing technology for packaging printing. He said that now the company has about 500 orders per day and 500 orders up and down. It will not take too long. Such individualized packaging and printing orders for their companies will grow to thousands or even higher. He believes that in the initial stage of emerging businesses, suppliers and manufacturers need to invest a certain amount of funds to cultivate the market. When the market realizes the benefits of digital printing technology, profitability will become a matter of course.

Since last year, the marketing of printing equipment has gradually become better, but there are also material suppliers pointed out that the actual use of consumables is still lacking in substantial growth. This shows that the industry is not really good, and it will take time for the printing industry to really turn around.

This exhibition makes people see that both printing and consumable manufacturing companies and printing companies are advancing with the times, domestic equipment has also entered the international market more, withstand pressure, the printing industry with pioneering spirit tomorrow will better.

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