The Versatility Of The Xaar 1201 Nozzle Brings A Variety Of Printing Solutions To Chinese Manufacturers

- Jan 03, 2019-

The versatility of the Xaar 1201 nozzle brings a variety of printing solutions to Chinese manufacturers

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Guangzhou Xucheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xucheng Company) brought the Xaar 1201 print head of the British Xaar Company to the China International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as CSGIA). On the stand, Xu Xucheng highlighted the X6-1610XUV and X6-2613XUV UV flatbed printers equipped with Xaar 1201 nozzles, as well as the newly developed four-head X6-1804XS and eight-head X6-1808XS digital printing series. The excellent print quality and versatility of the Xaar 1201 nozzles has brought a variety of solutions to Chinese printer manufacturers. Everyone is welcome to visit the booth 3033 of Hall 3 to visit and exchange.

  Xaar 1201 is a printhead using thin film piezoelectric silicon micro electromechanical system technology (hereinafter referred to as MEMS). It is suitable for printing UV ink, thermal transfer, weak solvent or water-based ink. The application level covers industrial printing such as advertising and digital textile. With 1280 orifices for high-quality images up to 1440 dpi, this printhead is the ideal printhead for printers focused on print quality and productivity, offering high print speeds and high MEMS technology. Excellent print accuracy and high reliability, and compact design for a variety of industrial applications.

  The successful launch of this new product benefited from the successful cooperation between the three parties: Xaar, Xucheng and Guangzhou Haocheng International; after becoming the general agent of Xaar 1201 in Greater China, Haocheng International played its role in application and system integration. Advantages, and cooperate with Xaar to jointly establish a comprehensive platform integrating electronic, ink and print heads. The rich resources help Xucheng to apply this full-featured print head to advertising, industrial and textile printers. . In the future, Haocheng will continue to leverage its expertise in system integration and application to help more vendors continue to develop diverse products in various fields.

  “The Xaar 1201 nozzle is very important for the printers we show at this exhibition,” said Mr. Zhao Jianwu, general manager of Xucheng. “We are very happy that the Xaar 1201 can achieve stable, high-quality printing with high ink levels. Adaptability also allows us to better meet customer needs, help us shorten product development cycle and time to market, achieve faster product development, and open up more business opportunities for us. At the same time, the printer we show is inseparable. The joint support of Hao and Haocheng is one of the important reasons for us to develop a variety of printers."

  “Xucheng’s UV flatbed printer and digital printing series printers at CSGIA not only demonstrate the high level of trust in our Xaar 1201 printheads, but also demonstrate the versatility of this product to meet the needs of multiple market segments. As a major distributor of Xaar Greater China, Haocheng, in close cooperation with us, provides a comprehensive and stable supply chain and integration solution for wide-format printer manufacturers, enabling Xucheng to develop a multi-function printer with a wide range of applications. "Simon Kirk, senior product manager at Xaar 1201, said.

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