Experience The Charm Of Printing And Art In Henggang

- Jan 03, 2019-

Experience the charm of printing and art in Henggang

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On December 8th, the 14th Creative December and the 7th Lijia Creative Culture Exchange Opening Ceremony opened in Henggang, and a series of exciting activities will be launched. Hanmo Fragrance Culture Art Exhibition, Corrugated Coffee Cafe, Creative Meeting , China Printing Light Exhibition, Lijia Road Exhibition, Science and Technology through Zhizhi in printing, corrugated paper, music, Lijia creative market, cover show, to create a 12-month creative feast.

At the event site, the Hanmo Fragrance---the solemn cultural art exhibition assisted by the solemn cultural and art association also met with the public. More than 60 famous painting and calligraphy artists from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao interacted with the audience to carry out cultural and artistic interactions. The atmosphere was very warm. At the same time, in the Creative Exhibition Hall, you can also see the creative design works with the spirit of the times; in the back of the park culture, the Lijia Creative Market will be held to showcase a variety of creative handicrafts, special crafts, etc. for tourists and The public appreciates the purchase.

It is worth mentioning that the Lijia Creative Culture Exchange Exhibition also features a corrugated coffee shop, using corrugated paper as an element to create a new corrugated paper simulation space, showing the diversity of corrugated cardboard and conveying the theme of the exhibition to the audience. The perfect combination of creativity and environmental protection.

It is reported that this creative cultural exchange exhibition, Lijia integrates culture and art on the basis of creativity, and provides a diversified platform for appreciation for the public. The time is one month. The general public can take the time to experience this one from Lijia. Creative power.

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