A Banknote Printed 28 Days Hong Kong Banknote Printing Company Explained The New Hong Kong Dollar Printing Process

- Dec 28, 2018-

A banknote printed 28 days Hong Kong Banknote Printing Company explained the new Hong Kong dollar printing process

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In 2017, a sample of Hong Kong's new series of banknotes was announced as early as July this year. However, as of the 12th, only one thousand Hong Kong dollars of new banknotes were introduced to the market. Small denominations of banknotes are waiting to be launched next year. The HKMA explained that the model had to be adjusted by the supplier of the counterfeit detector, and it took time to print a large amount of banknotes. According to past records, it usually takes two years or more to issue banknotes. Qi Zhicai, general manager of Hong Kong Banknote Printing Co., Ltd. pointed out that the banknotes must go through five printing and fifteen quality inspection procedures. Each printing step takes five days to completely dry the banknotes. The whole process lasts for at least twenty-eight working days. 

Qi Zhicai, general manager of Hong Kong Banknote Printing Co., Ltd. said that the banknote printing process takes at least twenty-eight working days and goes through five printing and fifteen quality inspection procedures, including banknote paper, shading, screen printing, gravure Printing, numbering and coating printing, and finally to cutting, sheet inspection and packaging.

The most time consuming process is the air drying step after printing. Zhai Zhicai said that each printing step takes five days to ensure that each banknote ink is completely dry before it can proceed to the next step, otherwise the new banknote will become waste paper. He also pointed out that the banknote cutting process is highly accurate and fully automatic, and one hundred banknotes can be cut each time. The banknote printing factory has a special machine that can check the quality of up to forty new banknotes per second. A total of 122 staff members of the banknote printing factory rushed to work, and the banknote loss rate was less than 3%.

The HKMA added that the newly introduced printing technology can extend the life of banknotes. This time, the new banknotes are coated with a thin transparent protective layer on the front and back to increase the durability. The material life is one to two years longer than the previous banknotes. In addition, although the new banknote printing costs have increased by about 10%, the cost per piece does not exceed one dollar.

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