The Mobilization Meeting For The Professional Skills Competition In The Printing Industry In Beijing Was Held In Crab Island

- May 10, 2018-

The mobilization meeting for the professional skills competition in the printing industry in Beijing was held in Crab Island

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On May 8, 2018, the 18th Beijing Vocational Skill Competition for the Printing Industry and the 6th China National Occupational Skill Competition for the Printing Industry Competition were held at the Crab Island Conference Center. Director of the Beijing Printing, Broadcasting and Broadcasting Bureau, Printing Publishing Division, Zhang Shuli and Liu Ruojun, Zhang Yi, Chairman of the Beijing Printing Association, Ren Yucheng, Chief Consultant of the Beijing Printing Association, Duan Dexin, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Printing Association, Yuan Yuxia, Director of the Green Printing Institute, and member companies Representatives and related media participated in this mobilization meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yi, chairman of the Beijing Printing Association.

At the beginning of the conference, Liu Ruoxuan, the printing and distribution office of the Beijing Press, Publication, Broadcasting and Broadcasting Bureau, read the Notice on the Eighteenth Beijing Occupational Skill Competition and the 20th National Printing Industry Professional Skills Contest Beijing Competition.

Liu Ruoxuan (Liu Ruoyu, Beijing Printing, Broadcasting, Broadcasting, and Television Publishing House) emphasized that we must implement the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the Party's Nineteenth Congress spirit in the new era of Jinping Press, Radio and TV, and focus on promoting the spirit of artisans and improving the professional quality of the printing industry. The skills contest activities will promote the development of mass post training activities in the printing industry in Beijing, and strive to discover and cultivate technical experts, and provide powerful talent support for the transformation, upgrading and upgrading of the printing industry in Beijing to be green, digital, intelligent, and convergent. In strict accordance with the "Circular on Printing and Distributing the "Administrative Measures for the Beijing Professional Skills Contest" (Jingren Social Security Review No. [2013] No. 189) and other documents require the preparation of competitions to ensure that the competition will be "fair, fair and open" throughout the process.

Duan Dexin, deputy secretary general of the Beijing Printing Association, read the "2018 Beijing Municipal Occupational Skills Competition Implementation Plan." Duan Dexin emphasized that this competition is aimed at promoting the spirit of artisans, nurturing the technical masters of printing, and setting up a technology and skill display platform for enterprises in the printing industry in Beijing. In addition, Duan Dexin also introduced the competition, schedule and competition awards.

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