Jinshan's First Green Creative Printing Industrial Park Gathered Over 1,200 Related Companies

- May 10, 2018-

Jinshan's First Green Creative Printing Industrial Park Gathered over 1,200 Related Companies

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Recently, Jinshan Industrial Zone officially opened 12,000 square meters of Wenchuang Building and signed a framework service agreement with a number of projects such as Qiangvision Media, Yutong Packaging and 3D Systems. So far, as China's first green creative printing demonstration park, Jinshan Industrial Park's "Park in the Park" - Shanghai Jinshan National Green Creative Printing Demonstration Park has successfully introduced green printing, RFID smart labels, 3D printing, film and television culture, etc. More than 1,200 enterprises in the cultural, creative and industrial sectors have made every effort to promote the transformation and development of traditional industries in the direction of cultural industries and helped launch the “Shanghai Culture” brand.

According to reports, in 2010, Jinshan National Green Creative Printing Demonstration Zone was unveiled and approved by the former State Press and Publication Administration and became the nation’s first green creative printing demonstration park jointly created by the Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau and the Jinshan People's Government. The demonstration park has been incorporated into the major projects of the State Press and Publication Administration and Shanghai Municipal People's Government. The park has a planned area of 2.45 square kilometers and is located in the southern area of Jinshan Industrial Zone.

At present, the Jinshan Industrial Zone has built an e-commerce platform for the green printing material display and transaction center, a product quality supervision and inspection platform published by the State Press and Publication Administration, an integrated service platform for printing and processing trade, and a new cultural and creative product display in the Cultural and Creative Building. Trading platform. The establishment of these platforms will not only achieve the "customized" personalized service content, but will also bring new economic growth points to the park.

What does Green Creative Printing look like? In this cultural building, we can get some answers -

For example, the Shanghai Branch of the Press Production and Supervision Inspection Center of the State Press and Publication Administration is the first green certification testing laboratory in the industry, and has undertaken the entire process of testing primary and secondary school teaching materials in Shanghai, the key product supervision and inspection tasks in Shanghai, and the country. The 3.15 inspection work of the General Administration of Press and Publication and the inspection task of more than 60% of the national green certification companies have effectively promoted the development of green printing. It has become an important service platform for the inspection of green printing products in China and has been highly recognized in the industry.

Another example is the National Green Creative Printing Materials Exhibition and Trading Center, which is based on the green printing materials trading platform of Shanghai Edition textbooks, and builds an integrated service platform for online trading, offline display, and quality inspection consultation. In 2017, the platform achieved an online transaction volume of over RMB 1.7 billion, and in 2018 it plans to achieve a platform trading volume of RMB 2 billion.

Another example is when Donnelley (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. turns "on-demand print" from "a print" into a reality. The project is invested by Donnelly (China) Investment Co., Ltd., which is the top one of the top 100 printing enterprises in the country. It invests in the construction of a color on-demand publishing and commercial printing supply chain and a digital asset management center industrial base (digital printing center) in the demonstration park. We hope to solve the problems of book inventory pressure and lack of creative personalization brought about by the change in consumption patterns in current traditional publications.

This time, Shanghai Kangde New Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which entered the Wenchuang Building, was selected as the wholly-owned subsidiary of "Forbes" "China's Most Potential Companies List" Kangde New Composite Material Co., Ltd., and will develop naked eye 3D. Display series and other products are expected to maintain annual sales growth rate of not less than 20%. In addition, this signing of the strong media has accumulated television programs to all levels of television stations across the country, new media networks and overseas communications agencies to provide more than 1,500 television programs, produced a "Li Xiaodao", "Jinfen family" and other hot repertoire, in the future Effectively promote the rapid clustering and development of the cultural and industrial media in the park.

“Cultivating emerging industries and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading are the direction of our efforts.” According to the person in charge of the Jinshan Industrial Zone, the park will focus on the introduction of RFID smart label leading enterprises in the park to attract companies and talents. On the one hand, it will vigorously develop the 3D printing public service platform, provide 3D printing services for Shanghai and its neighboring enterprises, hospitals, and colleges and universities, and become a student's extracurricular education and training base, which will promote the transformation and upgrading of the green printing industry. At the same time, the park will combine the leading companies of film and television to create the film and television cultural industry base with the most leading value on the north shore of Hangzhou Bay, focusing on the development of new economic industries such as film and television production, new media network programs and derivatives, digital entertainment, film and television star studios, and building a film and television culture. Industrial ecosystem.

It is understood that in order to boost the flourishing development of the Green Creative Printing Industrial Park, Jinshan District has introduced a series of supporting policies such as finance, talents, science and technology, and special projects. For example, in the purchase of homes, through the talented people identified in Jinshan District, the purchase of homes can receive a subsidy of up to 600,000 yuan. Through the outstanding talents identified in the industrial zone, the purchase of homes can receive a subsidy of 200,000 to 500,000 yuan. In the aspect of renting, through the outstanding talents identified in the industrial zone, renting in the industrial zone can be given a subsidy of 600-1000 yuan per month. In terms of training, 100% subsidies are given to a certain percentage of employees who have settled in enterprises for vocational technical training. To reward the company for the introduction of internationally leading technological innovation products for pilot or pilot projects. The amount of funding does not exceed 30% of the project's total budget, and the maximum funding for a single project is 10 million yuan.... Not only that, the park also established 6 million yuan. A pool of industrial funds has been established. At present, more than 10 companies have entered the acceptance stage.

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