The Manifesto Of The Communist Party Printed In Shijiazhuang 69 Years Ago

- May 25, 2018-

The Manifesto of the Communist Party printed in Shijiazhuang 69 years ago

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This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marx and the 170th anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto. Among the collections collected by the provincial capital’s red collector Yang Guozun, there are 26 copies of the “Communist Manifesto” printed and published before 1950, of which two are “special”. One was printed by the Shijiazhuang Printing Factory in March 1949, and the other was reprinted in May 1949 by the Military and Political University of North China (now the Joint Operation College of the Chinese People's Liberation Army National Defense University).

2 This Manifesto of the Communist Party was printed in Shijiazhuang in 1949

Yesterday, the reporter came to Yang Guo to sue home, saw a row of exquisite bookshelves on the side of the living room, and the bookshelf was full of old books and newspapers. Yang Guozun said: "These are the collections that I collected. The earliest versions were Yuan Dynasty, and the most recent ones were the books of the 1950s."

On the side of the bookshelves, there is a different type of "Communist Manifesto". Yang Guozun said: “There are more than 20 books here, and two of them are printed in Shijiazhuang.” The reporter saw a copy of the “Communist Manifesto” printed on the cover with traditional characters. The book is 32 copies, and it is marked on the copyright page of the book's back cover. : Author Marx Engels; Proofreader Bogu; Publishing House Liberation; Issuer Xinhua Bookstore; Printer Shijiazhuang Printing Factory; Publication Date 1949 March. The book has a total of 79 pages. The layout of the inside pages is for vertical typesetting. The pages turn from left to right. The covers are colored lace overlays. The paper is made of straw paper. Due to the age, the color has turned yellow. After a careful look at this book, it was found that the whole was basically flat and there was no shortage of pages, so it was well preserved.

This edition consists of four prefaces, namely the German Preface of 1872, the Preface of the Russian edition of 1882, the Preface of the German version of 1883, and the excerpt of the German edition of 1890. The whole book is clearly written.

The bottom of the cover of another "Communist Manifesto" was reprinted by the Political Department of North China Military University. The title page was printed on May 1949. This version is 32 open burrs, soil paper material, excellent printing. The whole book is 62 pages. The book's spine has a slight repair.

Willing to donate to professional organizations for safekeeping

Yang Guo, a 63-year-old who complies with his youth, loves thematic collections related to the history of Shijiazhuang. He is now a member of the Hebei Collectors Association and is affectionately known as the red collector.

Yang Guozun introduced that he has collected a total of 26 copies of the "Communist Manifesto" printed in different periods and regions. The above two are local early printed versions, and they are rare. The collection of historical documents in Shijiazhuang is one of his topics. Since the 1990s, it has collected more than 800 historical documents and objects in Shijiazhuang. The Communist Manifesto published by Shijiazhuang is just two of the Shijiazhuang historical documents. One of them was in a Tibetan friend gathering in 1998 that a collector of calligraphy and painting had a copy of the Communist Manifesto printed by Shijiazhuang in the early days. After several consultations, he bought it at a price of RMB 2,000. Yang Guozun said: “This is I paid more than a month's salary."

Over the years, as long as he saw documents and objects related to the history of Shijiazhuang, Yang Guozu did not hesitate to buy it. According to Yang Guozun, due to his obsession with collections for many years, most of his wages were invested in the purchase of these collections. Every year, these collections are regularly subjected to dust management, flood prevention, moisture protection, and other aspects of management and processing. Due to the age of these collections and the aging of the paper, it is difficult to manage them. Yang Guozun said that because of his limited management capability, he hopes to donate it to institutions with professional management capabilities to keep it properly.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marx and the 170th anniversary of the "Communist Manifesto". The two copies of the "Communist Manifesto" printed early in Shijiazhuang will be attended by the Hebei Provincial Library and the Collectors Association of Hebei Province. Everyone can go to visit.

The local version of the "Communist Manifesto" is rare

Liu Yijiang, deputy director of Shijiazhuang Municipal Party History Research Office, introduced that since the publication of the "Communist Manifesto" 170 years ago, more than 1,000 versions have been spread around the world. The two copies of the “Manifesto of the Communist Party” published and printed by Mr. Yang in the hands of Mr. Yang are very meaningful in the history of Shijiazhuang and it is rare. The Party Central Committee decided to establish North China Military and Political University in Shijiazhuang in the spring of 1948. This was the first military school in the country. The publication of the “Manifesto of the Communist Party” was one of the more than twenty kinds of political teaching materials of the school.

Liu Yijiang, deputy director, said that the "Communist Manifesto" is the banner of the Chinese Communist Party and still has a strong vitality today. The general principle and goal of our party is to "not forget the initial heart and keep the mission in mind" proposed by General Secretary Xi. The origin of this "early heart" and "mission" is based on the pioneering study, propaganda and practice of the "Communist Manifesto."

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