The First Full-line LED Printer For The Label Market Successfully Tested In Italy

- Apr 24, 2018-

The first full-line LED printer for the label market successfully tested in Italy

A few months ago Italian Idea Company commissioned Omet to develop a new 10-color X6430 printing press. LEDUV drying system was adopted throughout the line. Under the seamless cooperation of OMET, AMS and Flint, the acceptance test was successfully completed. The machine is designed to produce high-end labels, so its configuration is very complex, including a series of multi-process printing units for the final product enhancement and an LED UV curing system provided by AMS.

The Omet XFlexX6 press for high-end label production.

The Omet Group includes OMETSRL, O-PAC and subsidiaries in China, Spain, the United States and the Czech Republic. It is one of the most important and dynamic industrial organizations in Lombardy, northern Italy. It currently employs approximately 600 people worldwide.

OMETSRL was established in Lecco in 1963 and consists of three divisions: the Packaging Press Division (narrow web presses in production), the Tissue Machines Division (which produces napkins, paper towels and table mats) and the Bearing Division (production standards). And special ball bearings, pulley components, etc.).

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