Trump Wants To Start Off With News Print Paper Tariffs! The U.S. Senate Durbin Issued A Warning!

- Apr 22, 2018-

Trump wants to start off with news print paper tariffs! The U.S. Senate Durbin issued a warning!


The U.S. Senate Durbin warned Trump not to implement newsprint paper tariffs.

 However, recently, the U.S. government took the lead in loading anti-dumping duties on newsprint paper exported from Canada. This has caused U.S. newspapers to face the pressure of increasing operating costs in the face of the continuous absorption of advertising by the Internet and continued declining revenues.

 North Pacific Paper Co., a Washington-based hedge fund owned by One Rock Capital Partners, complains to the Ministry of Commerce that Canadian papermakers have been subsidized by their government and sold paper to the United States at unfairly low prices. .

 From January onwards, the Ministry of Commerce has increased newsprint tariffs on Canadian exports by an average of 6.53%, which it believes will help offset the unfair competition of foreign paper traders against the United States.

 The preliminary investigation by the Ministry of Commerce in March showed that Canada, a paper merchant, has dumped and raised the tariff by 22%.

 All this is only a preliminary approach, the US International Trade Commission (USITC) has not yet decided whether to permanently increase newsprint tariffs. After further investigation, it is scheduled to make final decisions in August or September.

 The reason why the outside world criticized this tariff is that the ultimate victim is not the Canadian paper merchant but the U.S. newspaper industry because the U.S. newspaper industry will have to lay off its staff and reduce the number of days it takes to cope with higher newsprint costs. The U.S. newspaper industry currently employs about 150,000 people, a 65% reduction from the approximately 276,000 people 20 years ago.

 Paul Boyle, vice president of the US News Media Alliance (NMA), estimates with a large Metropolitan newspaper that the new tariff will increase annual printing costs by about $3 million.

 Perhaps the big newspapers can accept the additional printing costs, but small newspapers are not likely to bear, and many small newspaper companies are worried that they will end their operations.

 He said that after investigating members of the NMA, the NMA found that almost all newspapers are laying off staff and reducing news coverage.

 Many newspapers pointed out that the cause of the decline in the US paper industry was not that they used newsprint paper imported from Canada, but that the volume of newsprint paper in the United States had dropped by 75% over the past 20 years.

 This prompted the US papermakers to shift their business to the more profitable market for home-used cartons, and to make newspapers in the United States more need newsprint in Canada.

 Chinas export of paper products to the United States is expected to narrower and narrower

 As early as 2016 and December 16, the U.S. Department of Commerce had finalized the investigation on countervailing administrative review of imported low-calorie thermal paper originating in China. The survey was initiated by the U.S. Department of Commerce on January 7, 2016. The investigation period was from November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015. The customs codes for the products involved were 3703.106.60,, and 4811.90.8040. 4811.90.9090, 4810.20.20, 4823.40.00, 4811.90.8030, 4811.90.8050, 4811.90.9030, 4811.90.9050.

 The U.S. Department of Commerce made the final ruling to maintain the preliminary ruling that and Shanghai Hanhong Paper Co., Ltd. did not obtain a separate tax rate and eventually obtained a universal tax rate of 115.29%.

 The original case of the case was as follows: On October 31, 2007, at the request of Appletonpapers (inc), the U.S. Department of Commerce initiated a countervailing investigation on imports of low-GW papers originating in China. On October 2, 2008, the US Department of Commerce made a countervailing final ruling on the case and ruled that the subsidy rate for the products involved in the case in China was 19.77% to 115.29%.

 This is the second U.S.-related sanctions on paper products trade. The US International Trade Commission (usitc) voted, "Immediate damages to the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy imports from China's coated paper. If the existing anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties are cancelled, the substantial damages caused to the U.S. domestic industry caused by the imports of the products involved will likely continue or reoccur during the reasonable foreseeable period. Therefore, the existing anti-dumping and countervailing duty Effectively.This is a case where the WTO has determined that the USs export policy on Chinese coated paper is in violation of the regulations, and the United States still makes a decision that is not conducive to the export of Chinese products.

 Recently, the introduction of a series of US trade war policies has caused us to worry about the extreme style of Donald Trump. In previous campaign speeches, Trump had said that if he wins the election in November this year, he will Instruct US trade representatives to file complaints against China both at home and in the World Trade Organization (WTO). He will let the latter return to the negotiating table by announcing China as a currency manipulating country, and letting millions of jobs be returned to the United States and rejuvenating the United States by allowing China to stop export subsidies and stop using excessively loose labor and environmental standards. Manufacturing. He said, In some cases, tariffs are indispensable, because they must understand that we are going to do it.He did.

 On the other hand, in terms of Chinas export volume of newsprint, China has gradually lost its advantage in the international market since 2015. In 2016, the number of Chinese newsprint exports was 12,852 tons, which was a year-on-year drop of 25%. In 2016, Chinas newsprint exports amounted to 12,568 thousand US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 41.3%. .

 Looking at the current situation, I am afraid that Chinas paper products will have a narrower and narrower path toward U.S. exports.

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