Sixteen Kinds Of Solid Waste Such As Waste Plastics From Industrial Sources Will Be Banned From Importing Next Year

- May 28, 2018-

Sixteen kinds of solid waste such as waste plastics from industrial sources will be banned from importing next year

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Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued the “Announcement on Adjusting the Catalogue of Imported Waste Management” and adjusted the Catalogue of Imported Waste Management in batches.


According to the announcement, 16 types of solid wastes, such as waste hardware, ships, waste automobile parts, smelting slag, and industrial-source waste plastics, were transferred from the “Catalogue of Imported Solid Wastes that Can Be Used as Raw Materials” to “Imported Imported Solids”. Waste Catalogue, implemented from December 31, 2018.


Sixteen types of solid waste, such as stainless steel scrap, titanium waste, wood scrap, etc., shall be adjusted from the “Catalogue of Imported Solid Wastes that Can Be Used as Raw Materials” to the “Catalogue of Solid Wastes that Can Be Used as Raw Materials that Are Not Limited to Imports”. The "Entry of Imports of Solid Waste Catalogue" was implemented from December 31, 2019.


In July 2017, China issued the “Implementation Plan for Prohibiting the Entry of Foreign Garbage into China to Promote the Management of Solid Waste Imports”, and clearly stated that “the catalog of imported solid wastes should be classified and adjusted in batches” and “gradually and orderly reducing the types and quantities of imported solid wastes.” The Ministry of Environmental Protection, together with the relevant departments, has adjusted the four types of solid wastes, including waste plastics, unsorted waste paper, waste textiles, and vanadium slag, to 24 imports at the end of 2017. This directory adjustment is another important reform measure to promote the reform of the solid waste import management system.

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