More Than 30 Tons Of Waste Paper Boxes Have Been Burned Into Ash

- May 28, 2018-

More than 30 tons of waste paper boxes have been burned into ash

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In the early morning of May 16, at the Dushan section of the Lanhai Expressway, a tow truck loaded with more than 30 tons of paper and cardboard boxes caught fire and ignited. The scene was filled with fire and almost all of the car’s contents were burned. Fortunately, the fire did not cause damage. Casualties.


It is understood that around 2:00 a.m. that day, the Minnan High-speed Third Brigade’s civilian police received an alarm that a heavy-duty flat-bed semitrailer was spontaneously ignited at the 1568-kilometer-long distance from Guiyang in Guangxi to the direction of Guangxi (Duoshan County) and required rescue.


After arriving at the scene, the civilian police and emergency rescue personnel placed control on the scene. The fire officers and men used three high-pressure water guns to extinguish the fire on the semi-trailer and the fire was controlled.


"I have been driving for more than ten years. I first encountered spontaneous combustion. When I mentioned the fire, Master Du, the driver, still had a hard time. According to him, these more than 30 tons of cardboard boxes and paper shells were pulled from Guiyang. Prepared to go to Guangzhou, I did not expect to drive to the Lanhai Expressway at a distance of 1568 kilometers. The driver began to emit black smoke in the rear compartment of the rearview mirror. When the driver stopped the semi-trailer on the side of the road, the fire was low. Take the fire extinguisher with the car and put it to extinguishment. I did not expect these boxes to burn too quickly. The fire extinguisher had no effect and the fire gradually grew. There was no way for the driver to call for help.


Master Du said that more than 30 tons of cardboard boxes and paper shells were pulled over from Guiyang and were ready to be shipped to Guangzhou. I did not expect to see the mirrors emerge from the mirror when it was driven to a height of 1568 kilometers. When the semi-trailer was parked on the side of the road, he took the fire extinguisher on board with the fire extinguisher. I did not expect these boxes to burn too fast. The fire extinguisher had no effect and the fire gradually grew. There was no way. The driver had to call for help.


After the spontaneous combustion accident, Zhongnan (Tianjin) Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper, which specializes in waste paper recycling, issued a notification letter on May 17 to remind the nation's waste suppliers and truck drivers to take precautions against fire, prompting truck drivers to Always check the vehicle line, maintain and maintain it in time to eliminate potential safety hazards. At the same time, suppliers are reminded to hire vehicles that have the risk of transporting vans when they hire trucks.

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