Environmental Supervision Supervised The Implementation Of High-intensity, 9 Packaging And Printing Plants Were Named!

- May 28, 2018-

Environmental supervision supervised the implementation of high-intensity, 9 packaging and printing plants were named!

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Near the Spring Festival, when the current atmospheric pollution is at a critical stage, all local inspections will enter a state of high intensity and high density. At present, the central environmental protection inspectors have achieved full coverage of 31 provinces, municipalities and districts. As of January 17th, 2018, according to incomplete statistics, there were nine other packaging printing companies named by name! In addition, the "Environmental Protection Tax Law" has been implemented since January 1, 2018. Enterprises will pay more taxes for more discharges, and less discharges will enjoy tax deductions.


1. Baixiang Xianguang Paper Co., Ltd.

main problem:

During the inspection on January 16, the company discovered that the company emitted excessive atmospheric pollutants during production. After on-site monitoring by the compliance inspection team, the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas of the 15 tons of coal-fired boilers was 233 mg/m3, which exceeded the emission of boiler air pollutants. The standard "GB13271-2014 in Table 3 special emission limit requirements (200mg/m3).

Investigate measures:

1. The problems found by the inspection have been handed over to the relevant local authorities.

2. Beijing Caida Bowen Printing Company

main problem:

The company has included the list of manufacturers' production cuts during the orange air pollution early warning period. During the orange warning period, the company refused to implement the provisions of the heavy pollution weather emergency measures such as production cuts or production restrictions, and it is still printing production operations.

Investigate measures:

1. A fine of 100,000 yuan.

3, Jinzhou City Samsung Packaging Co., Ltd.

main problem:

During the orange warning period, the "printing process shutdown" measures should be adopted. However, when the production records and emergency execution records were inspected on site, the company found that the printing process only reduced production by 50% during the orange warning period.

4, Beijing Jinhui Printing Co., Ltd.

main problem:

The installation of exhaust gas purification facilities is not in violation of Article 45 of the "New Atmospheric Law" and Article 108 of the first paragraph of Article 108.

Investigate measures:

1. A fine of 250 million yuan.

5. Beijing Weiyuan Printing Co., Ltd.

main problem:

Due to the mixed existence of hazardous waste and domestic waste, it violates the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste".

Investigate measures:

1. A fine of 150 million yuan.

6, Shenzhen Hong Yingyuan Packaging Design Printing Products Co., Ltd.

main problem:

When the inspection was conducted on December 9, the person in charge of the unit could not provide approval for the environmental impact review of the construction project.

Investigate measures:

1. The New District Water Resources Bureau issued a "decision to order correction of illegal acts" to the unit and ordered it to stop production immediately.

2. It is proposed to impose a fine of 200,000 yuan on it.

7, Shenzhen Xin Jingya Printing Co., Ltd.

main problem:

During inspections on December 9, the printing presses and bonding machines were not equipped with waste gas collection and treatment facilities, and no hazardous waste storage sites were set up on site.

Investigate measures:

1. The Water Resources Bureau of the New District issued the "Decision to order rectification of the illegal act" and ordered him to immediately stop the illegal act.

2. It is proposed to impose a fine of $230,000.

8, Weifang Shengbo Pharmaceutical Packaging Color Printing Company

main problem:

Produce food packaging film without production license

Investigate measures:

1. A fine of 318,468.80 yuan was imposed and the illegal income was 2526.15 yuan.

9. Changyi City Jixiang Packing Co., Ltd.

Specification Model: 430×270×270(mm)

Production date/lot number: 2017-07-10

Spot check result: unqualified

Unqualified item: adhesive strength

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