Is It The Choice Of A Mature Epson Nozzle Or An Expensive Industrial Nozzle?

- May 29, 2018-

Is it the choice of a mature Epson nozzle or an expensive industrial nozzle?

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Since 2001, BYC invested 10 million in three trials and more than a dozen brands of hundreds of nozzles to create the world's first universal printer, the market began with the initial weak solvent ink to uncoated ink to UV ink, from the home nozzle From commercial office nozzles to industrial nozzles, from the initial single-object printing to large-area printing to small batch customization.

    In the past 17 years, the universal printer market has become more and more popular, and the demand for the industry has become more and more clear. However, many people on the market currently have great misunderstandings about the nozzles.

1, when compared to the nozzle brand, the nozzle is not a level to length ratio

The demand for nozzles in the universal printer market is increasing. There are only a few countries in the world that can produce nozzles. The most influential brands in the market are commercial grade Epson, industrial grade Ricoh, Kyocera, and Seiko.

Epson's price of a 6-color nozzle is less than 1000-2000 yuan, and the industrial-level nozzle is a single-color nozzle within 15000-20000 yuan, and the five basic colors of CMYKW need about 75000-10W yuan, which is basically a bad one. There is no comparable level.

In general, the Epson series nozzles have attracted a growing number of companies to choose to use Epson because of their high image quality and closeness to the price advantage of the people. Epson's demand for personalized high-demand batch printing has become the mainstream of the industry. Industrial-grade nozzles (Ricoh, Kyocera, Seiko, etc.) are more expensive and durable for use by large-scale manufacturers.

2, One-sided understanding of the service life of the nozzle

Many people ask how long a sprinkler can last for two or three hours a day, eight hours a day, or even a factory for 24 hours a day. There is no regular maintenance. These are directly related to the service life. The answer is of course very wide. It is normal for 500-800 hours to be accumulatively used under regular maintenance.

3, Ignore the essential needs of personalized printing

Print high-definition graphics on the surface of objects, except for a few products with standard sizes and similar materials such as mobile phone cases and T-shirts that can be mass-produced. Most of the products, such as different materials, different shapes, and personalized pictures, are all printed in small batches instead of tens of thousands.

4, do not calculate the nozzle to the consumables, the nozzle as a permanent device.

The prolonged contact between the nozzle and different inks will be eroded to varying degrees. In particular, the UV ink itself is slightly corrosive. Even if it is loaded with ink, it does not print any product. Hole, to know that the spray hole can be seen with a high magnification on the mirror. In addition, during the printing process, the ink is rubbed with the nozzle holes for a long time, and as the time becomes longer, the nozzle hole diameter becomes larger. Even if it is not plugged, different printing needs have different requirements on the life of the sprinkler. For example, the shower head of a wedding photography building needs to change one or two, because there is a drop in image quality or oblique jetting because the nozzle aperture becomes slightly larger and is discarded.

to sum up:

Some salesmen guide customers to exclude Epson nozzles, causing customers who are pursuing precision to be at a loss.

First of all, Epson nozzles are not comparable to industrial nozzles such as Seiko and Ricoh. Epson is a commercial sprinkler, pursuing precision, sacrificing speed, and suitable for small-volume customization. On the contrary, Ricoh, Konica and other industrial-level nozzles sacrifice precision, pursue speed, and face mass production. Therefore, Epson and other nozzles have different customer bases. Therefore, customers should use their own industries.

Service requirements and!

Secondly, many users report that machines using Epson nozzles often have problems. This is indeed a fact. However, if the problem is attributed to Epson nozzles, it is unfair and the nozzles are used in Japan. The reputation is very good. What is it?

Why is it so famous at home? The reason is that Epson's high precision, small orifices, and high precision requirements for ink, some users, and even manufacturers in order to save costs, use alternative inks, alternative inks are cheap,

Performance is greatly reduced in all aspects, which eventually leads to problems in the printing process.

Third, if we must put them together and compare them, let's calculate that, from the perspective of service life, the normal service life of industrial-grade nozzles is generally twice that of Epson, which is related to workload and maintenance.

Very large, this is determined by the nozzle material. In terms of price comparison, the price of a single Ricoh nozzle is 4-5 times that of Epson. If the number of nozzles is more than the price, it may be more than ten times more expensive. For many industrial nozzles, one nozzle is about 20,000, and five colors will change. 5 nozzles about 100,000, 100,000 can change about 50 more than the seventh generation of 6-color Epson nozzle; if you are the pursuit of quality and efficiency can choose two Epson head machine, if you do not want quality as long as the quality of choice of Ricoh And other industrial nozzles.

Fourthly, Epson nozzles are more suitable for advertising industry users and users of building materials (glass, ceramic tiles) because of their relatively low price and high precision nozzles. In a sense, Epson's precision affects the aesthetics of end users. Users who use Epson are very satisfied. It is difficult to use industrial nozzles. In my experience, neither Ricoh nor Seiko mentions that there are some minor problems in the early stages of the use of any type of machine. This is due to a number of factors such as unskilled operation and different machine work environments. Users should not panic when encountering such a situation. , With the factory technicians to reflect the problem, generally can be quickly resolved. Fortunately, the precision of industrial nozzles has been satisfactorily improved in the past two years, but the printing effect cannot temporarily exceed the Epson piezoelectric nozzles.

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