The Waste Generated From Excessive Packaging, How To Turn It Into Waste

- May 28, 2018-

The waste generated from excessive packaging, how to turn it into waste

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In order to make the products more attractive to consumers, some manufacturers can be said to have done a lot of work up and down the packaging, making the phenomenon of “light weight of light boxes” common. Due to the lack of recycling methods, most people choose to discard the packaging of these products, causing waste of resources. With the continuous increase in consumer purchasing power, it is bound to produce more packaging waste. How to turn waste into treasure and realize recycling has become a problem that cannot be ignored.


Over-packaging of gifts is widespread


An interview with the reporter found that although the media has repeatedly advocated a frugality, many people are also aware of the importance of green and low carbon. However, in some specific areas of consumption, excessive packaging still exists.


After careful selection, the daughter-in-law purchases a box of expensive nutritional supplements for her mother-in-law, Ms. Zhang, as a birthday present. This nutritional packaging box is not only beautiful, but also feels heavy. However, after opening, Ms. Zhang found only 2 cans of nutritional powder, adding only 500 grams. Ms. Zhang knows that this is a filial piety of daughter-in-law, but she has always been thrifty but she feels it is not worthwhile. Looking at the exquisite packaging and taking into account the unreturn of the packaging, Ms. Zhang had to act as a container for debris, and she could be used for everything.


Mr. Wang went on a business trip abroad and purchased several boxes of specialty osmanthus cakes in the area. After taking it home, it made the family feel spurious. The box of osmanthus osmanthus cake is obviously well-designed, with an antique pattern on it and it looks very elegant. To taste osmanthus cake, you need to pull it out of the mezzanine in the middle of the box. “There are a few osmanthus cakes inside, or they are individually packaged, and the feeling is to spend money on packaging.” For the evaluation of his family, Mr. Wang also feels that it is not very affordable.


Drug cosmetics are also pursuing "luxury"


Nowadays, in order to pursue economic benefits, some medicines for treating illnesses and rescuing people have also put on gorgeous coats. Citizen Zhao said that he had bought a blood circulation expectorant drug because of a head injury recently. There are only two drugs in the empty box, shaking it and making a jingle. "A total of two plates of medicine, the box is several times larger than the drug, is it necessary?" Mr. Zhao said.


Citizen Lee suffers from rheumatism. At the patient’s recommendation, he purchased several boxes of plasters for rheumatism. However, after Mr. Li went home and uncovered, he discovered that there were only four thin plasters in the palm-sized pillbox, or they were individually packaged. Mr. Li thinks that packaging is just as good as national standards. Packaging does not make any sense to the patient and only increases the patient's cost.


Compared with the safety of pharmaceutical outsourcing with guaranteed drugs, cosmetic packaging is mostly for transportation convenience. However, under the misguided “eyeball economy”, some cosmetics have also begun to “arrogant”. "Mr. 90" after the purchase of a certain skin care products. To her surprise, the outer box of skin care products actually resembled a 16-page thick book, while skin care products only took up 1/5 of the box size. During the interview, many citizens stated that many of the cosmetics purchased were oversized and overly complicated, and frankly such packaging was really wasteful.


Make rational use of packaging waste


The average family purchases goods. Most of them pay attention to high quality and low price, and will not be excessively pursuing packaging. However, when shopping for gifts or out of "good face," they tend to prefer packages that appear "tall". Driven by interests, some businesses will naturally cater to the psychology of consumers. This makes it difficult to eliminate excessive packaging.


It is understood that the annual emissions of packaging waste in China account for one third of the city's solid waste in terms of weight, and more than 1/2 in volume, becoming one of the fastest growing waste streams. Because of the lack of waste classification and lack of recycling channels, most of the waste generated by these overpacks cannot be effectively recycled. Ultimately, they have to enter landfills or be incinerated. This not only causes waste of resources, but also affects the ecological environment.


In the interview, many citizens stated that as excessive packaging has become a social issue of widespread concern, relevant laws and regulations should be introduced, and national mandatory standards that restrict over-packaging of goods should be introduced to reduce and avoid excessive packaging from the source. In addition, it is also necessary to raise awareness of green and low-carbon consumption through publicity to increase consumers' awareness of environmental protection and to effectively curb excessive packaging.

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