Shandong Printing Industry: Striving To Transform From A Large Printing Province To A Strong Printing Province

- May 31, 2018-

Shandong printing industry: striving to transform from a large printing province to a strong printing Province

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To carry out the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", the printing industry in Shandong is firmly "green, digitized, intelligent and integrated", focusing on playing the leading role of the market and promoting the government's role, constantly improving the quality and level of supply, and working hard to realize the strong province of printing from large provinces to printing. Change.

Printing enterprises in Shandong have reached 7500, employees of more than 20 million, printing industry total output value of nearly 78 billion 980 million yuan, profit and tax 4 billion 153 million yuan, more than 265 printing enterprises, the total industrial output value of 38 billion 560 million yuan, profit and tax 2 billion 719 million yuan, the output value and quantity of printing industry continued to increase.

Green printing is steadily advancing

The organization and printing industry of Shandong province earnestly implements the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the construction of ecological civilization, carries out the activities of green printing propaganda week and so on, implements the support of green printing projects, and vigorously promotes the green printing.

The whole printing industry chain is actively implementing the national green printing standard, and the green printing level is constantly improving. The green printing enterprise has reached 68. In the inspection of green printing products, the environmental quality of the 65 green label products is all qualified, and a number of green printing demonstration enterprises have emerged in the country. Shandong hung Jie Printing Group Co., Ltd. was evaluated as a green printing special contribution unit by the State Administration of news and broadcasting and broadcasting (SARFT). Shandong Linyi Xinhua Printing logistics Refco Group Ltd, Shandong Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., Feicheng Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., and Donggang Limited by Share Ltd 4 enterprises were appraised to promote green Printing and marking enterprise, Shandong Quan Lin Paper Co., Ltd. is appraised by the General Administration as an advanced unit of advanced quality management of raw materials.

The rapid development of digital printing

Through the introduction of new products and technologies, Shandong has optimized the printing industry structure and improved the digital printing level of the whole province. In 2016, a total of 11 new digital printing enterprises were added, with a total of 33 and 1583, with a digital printing output of 9 billion 600 million, and a digital printing equipment of more than 4200 sets, an increase of more than 200 sets over the previous year.

Among them, Shandong Tai'an Tiger color printing Co., Ltd. has become a model of digital printing, and the degree of automation has been improved obviously; Shandong green love candy Limited by Share Ltd introduced the first HP indigo 20000 digital printing machine in China, and realized the unique customization mode of "small single, fast and extreme" through large data support; Shandong Haide color Printing Limited company is committed to creating a new mode of "Internet plus" business printing, developed online orders platform, and set up their own logistics team, since the on-line platform, turnover increased year by year, billion yuan in 2016 to achieve a goal, truly embodies the "Internet plus" and the business combination and convenient printing Show the trend.

Intensification of intensive intensification

Shandong Province vigorously cultivate demonstration enterprises and scale featured enterprises, and the demonstration and driving effect is obvious. The 6 national printing demonstration enterprises have a good momentum of development and the annual output value exceeds 3 billion yuan. Participating in the 2016 China (Shanghai) International Printing week, fully demonstrated the advanced level in publications, cigarette packages, and bills printing. During the exhibition, more than 1000 visiting enterprises were received, and more than 160 business negotiations were conducted. 117 orders of intent were reached, with a turnover of up to 160 million yuan.

At the same time, the printing market in Shandong has been concentrated on key enterprises above Designated Size, and the leading role of backbone leading enterprises has been greatly enhanced. 265 printing enterprises above Designated Size realize annual output value of nearly 40 billion yuan, accounting for about 50% of the total output value of the province. 4 printing enterprises were rated as the top 30 of the provincial cultural enterprises, and 6 printing enterprises entered the top 100 list of Chinese printing and packaging enterprises in 2016, all showing a healthy development trend.

Comprehensive promotion of innovation ability

In order to carry forward the spirit of the craftsman, strengthen the professional ability of the printing industry, and take the opportunity of holding the fifth national printing industry skill competition Shandong competition district competition and the fourth Shandong printing industry professional skill competition as a turning point, Shandong province has carried out extensive printing skills and great military skills to promote the overall leap of the printing skill level. The competitiveness and innovation of the enterprise have been improved. The whole province organizes the 12 games of the staff group and the student group theory and operation of the 3 kinds of work groups of plate making, printing and gravure printing, and selects 33 players to participate in the national final, and has achieved good results in 1 National skilled hands, 3 national first prizes, 12 two awards and 18 three awards.

In addition, the integration and development of printing and cultural creativity, new technology, Internet and other formats bring new impetus to the printing industry. Red Lin Packaging Co. Ltd. copyright fusion development of creative and printing, create their own characteristics; Shandong Hong Jie Printing Group Limited established the prepress company in Shanghai, out of the new road Internet plus printing; Shandong Linyi Xinhua Beijing city logistics Refco Group Ltd investment culture media Co. Ltd. was established And the triple links + bookstores have realized the development mode of "printing and printing". Shandong printing industry is actively innovating, improving quality, efficiency, transformation and upgrading, and integration and development through various channels, so as to enhance the printing industry's total output value.

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