Safety And Security Printing

- Aug 21, 2017-

As the printing equipment and technology to upgrade, the traditional four-color printing trademarks, packaging and instructions have no anti-counterfeiting effect, must use six-color, seven-color high fax color printing will be different, in addition, the use of laser holographic viscosity or bronzing, but also has its effect, but the magic path, may soon find more fine interference wave anti-false pattern can be.

High cost of gravure printing there is also a certain anti-counterfeiting effect, so the color thick, fine carving lines, in the High-tech has a deep layer of anti-counterfeiting effect, embossed, floating watermark technology Although ancient, is also an effective method, like the stamp tooth hole by each mold up to millions of Yuan Chong system, want to imitate is not easy.

In short, the cost does not add too high, imitation of the people and not easy to imitate, the most important thing is not to use the tool in general eyes can distinguish is the focus of security, but out of new technology methods, in the use of a period of time will be imitated, this is always to update the security focus.

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